Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dating with husband..

Hahaha..the title looks similar to ones in shin chan anime..hahaha..funny!!
Today was sooo great..we finally had the chance to have a date..just the two of us..lalala..had so much fun..watched jack reacher..awesome movie!!
Talking bout wacthing movie..theres one funny story behind it..we actually bought the ticket through the net but we didnt have any printer at home so we decided to redeem the tix at the counter later we didnt cross my mind that I should hv checked the ticket to make sure it was a correct one..but when we went to the hall..we thought it was wrong as we knew the seating of the hall should be..still, we didnt check the tix yet..until we sat at the seats shown on it..later, I thought something was wrong so I asked husband to take a look at it.. then I realized IT WAS the wrong one..we bought tix for jack reacher but the tix was for cz12 movie..hahaha..then husband told me that we should just go to the right hall instead of going to the counter to get another, we actually hv tixs for two great it was? No, it was not because cz12 started at exactly the same time as jack reacher..hehehe..but anyway, we still wont watch cz12 if the showtime was's not right though since we didnt buy the tix in the first place..ok~
Later we went to parkson to search for pan that my mom requested..while searching for it, we found nice lunch box from lock n lock..I bet it's a new one as stated on the husband loved it so much that he decided to buy can I not trying to insist him to buy for me too? Thats just so I did..n it was a success!!! We bought one blue and the other one red..thanks to the wife who loves to cook lunch for the husband so those lunch boxes may come in handy..of which I was sooo glad to hv them..knowing that im so much into lunch box thingy..yeah..had three of them now..hehehe..please hv a look at these two babies..wooohooooo!! And another additional bought item is an apron!!!'s for the wife..who loves to cook for her husband..hihihi..

*a happy husband, a happy wife*

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A wife is overwhelmingly happy when....

her husband claimed that his body is out of shape and he can no longer wear his jeans..success!!

haha..looking at the other point..duhhh..need to buy new pair of jeans which means more expenses..LOL~

but then soo sooo soooo happy that he gained some weights now..Alhamdulillah..

I previously didnt really believe in term 'air tangan'.. old people claimed that 'air tangan' - refers to our own cooking - is important in building up a family specially when you have children because it can creates the bonds among the family or specifically between the mother and the children..the same thing applies to the, it is recommended to serve home made cooking to the husband instead of buying them outside..

while I was so busy with my study in the early november, I have asked permission from my husband to take outside food and he agreed..but that only lasted for a week as I myself could not stand eating outside everyday..maybe because i was not really used to parents taught us to eat home made cooking..and we were not really introduced to outside food until i was 17..thats when i went out with my friends..only then i knew there were varieties of food we can have outside and thats also when i started to know the term 'goreng2' or 'masakan goreng2'..hahaha..

Alhamdulillah i managed to partially completed my assignments and dissertation within a week I started to cook right first, I was not really notice the change in my husband..but later i realized hes becoming more attach to me..I still cook until now..for his lunch as well as for his dinner..yeah..sometimes it make me feel exhausted but when i think about how he enjoyed the food..i just couldnt stop making meals for him..owh how i wish i can be a housewife so i can cook more delicious food for him.. T_T

getting back to the topic..yeah..i was quite amazed of how he changed..note that he was previously really comfortable being on his own..(maybe because he as single for loooooooooong time and hes no used to have a partner before..until he met being independent sometimes made him full of himself..) but now..hes different..he always wanted to be by my side..and sometimes he even helped me in the kitchen..and  the most obvious one is that he started to have me doing things with him..say if he wanted to watch tv..he always requested that I watch with him cut it short..he has changed to becoming a clingy person..hahahhaa.. no no.. i was not more of proud of my efforts..alhamdulillah..thanks to allah..

now i start to understand the power of 'air tangan'..and Im loving it soooo much!! no wonder my dad was so clingy too..of course to my mother..hahahaha..

so, my advise for wifesss out there..try as much possible to cook for your husband and for your family..if you want them to stay..and definitely try to cook with love..hehehhe =D

*cooking with love in the heart makes the food tastes better*

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sesempurna nya manusia

Adik ajak makan tgahari di rumah..Dalam perjalanan ke rumah sambil mendengar radio Hot FM, terdengar lagu yang liriknya sangat menarik perhatian..Mengingatkan aku pada suami..hehehehe..

Pulang semula ke pejabat, terus mencari lagu tersebut di internet;

Cinta Bersatu - Liyana Jasmay

Di matamu ku berharga
Kau perlakukan aku
Lebih dari mencintai dirimu

Di dekatmu ku merasa
Bahagianya aku
Dapat ruang cintamu

Hanya kamu saja
Yang mampu begitu
Mengerti aku

Kau sempurna bagiku
Tak kurang sesuatu
Kau terima apa adaku

Ku sempurna bagimu
Tak kurang sesuatu
Cinta bersatu

Cara mencintaiku
Yang membuatku diriku jatuh cinta padamu

Sumber :

Lagu ini sangat bersesuaian dengan perasaan aku terhadap suami pada ketika ini..

Sesungguhnya aku bukanlah perempuan yang terbaik untuk dijadikan isteri..cinta aku..hati aku..ada ketika yang mungkin tidak telus..

Tapi aku pasti..cinta dia padaku..setelus sebuah cinta sejati..yang lahir dari hati yang meminta pada Allah..

Terkadang aku beristighfar memohon ampun acapkali terkenang cinta aku yang sangat lemah untuk dibanding dengan cinta dia..

Aku hanya mampu berdoa supaya hati ini pasti, yakin, tetap pada dia,suamiku...

*Sempurnanya kita mungkin hanya sekadar di dalam mimpi tanpa kita sedari*

Monday, 3 December 2012

My current addiction~

is MY HUSBAND! addicted to my husband..anyway, i am actually trying to complete 3 chapters of my dissertation since last thursday (im still writing it now..huhuhu T_T).. but somehow i found it hard whenever my husband is at home..even though he was sleeping, i couldnt stop myself from taking a peek at him..for few seconds is enough..but then i did the same thing again after few minutes..and the cycle went on and in the world i can start writing my dissertation?? erkkk!! im in trouble!!

sometimes, i just wished ive already finished my studies so that i have every seconds to spend with him..but unfortunately it was just a dream..actually, i was having quite a heavy workload (it seemed simple..but it's not for i took longer time to complete it..) in the past few i spend most of my time trying to finish my work-day and night..and i didnt have so much time to spend with him..but as the jobs were completed, i have another dateline-my's quite frustrating that u had done ur work but u could not yet reward yourself with something you like as you were having another dateline to chase at the same time..huhuhuhu..

so my current goal is to complete the three chaps ASAP so i have more time to spend with him..yeah!!

I love you, husband! (i actually took a picture of him cute!! lovely!! hahaha)

*May our love grow stronger like a beautiful tree*

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review: Aku Terima Nikahnya

Aku terima ke x?? bg aku (yg tgh excited sbb br kawen n elok2 plak cte tu start a day before my nikah day..canggih x??haha), mmg seronok la!! lalalala! tp suamiku ckp xbest..bosan.. n tah, ape kate aku buat review dr aku yg excited n suamiku yg xexcited..

Review best dr aku yg excited:
Terlepas scene yg awal2 sbb msk xteruk sgt la sbb terlepas beberapa minit je..cte ni best sbb semua pn mcm manis2 je..bertambah2 terasa manisnya la bila pegi tgk lps br je kawen,kn? first cerita kat wayang sebagai suami isteri..wahhhhh!! hurm..ape lg ek?hurm..hurm..hurm..alamak! tu je kot..huhuhu T_T

Review xbest dr suamiku yg xexcited:
Cerita tu mcm agak melebih2..yg mgkn kurang realistik..ada beberapa scene yg xmencerminkan tajuk sbb 'aku terima nikahnya' bukan suatu perkara yang kecil tapi kurang ditonjolkan dlm cerita tersebut..beberapa bahagian skrip yang agak kelakar pn ada..scene yang pttnya sedih bole jd kelakar (nota: siap penonton ketawa terbahak2..keliru cerita cinta atau cerita komedi?)hehehe..tu xle blah..jalan penceritaan yang membosankan..terlampau tumpu pada satu faktor - isteri cuba mengambil hati suami, membuatkan cerita jadi semakin lama semakin bosan..'aku terima nikahnya' seeloknya lebih ditonjolkan dari segi islamik..mgkn akan jd lebih manis dan menarik..tmbh lg, akibat byk serapan dari budaya barat, cerita kurang memberi kesan kepada penonton..

review yg berdasarkan panjang review..rsnya review suamiku menang..hahaha..maka jgn terpedaya dgn review aku yg agak berat sebelah kepada hati yang excited..hohohoho! rs rugi pulak cerita yg ada tajuk yg kuat tp jalan penceritaan yang sgt lemah ditmbh pula dgn elemen barat..haihhh!! sygnyaaaa..septtnya jd cerita kegemaran mcm cerita 'a moment to remember' jd cerita bosan plak..rugi..rugi..

*Bila manusia tidak menghargai jati diri dan agama sendiri..*

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bahagianya! XD

Berjalan bersama di pasaraya..

Dia memegang tanganku sentiasa..

Tiada tanda2 ingin melepaskan..

Aku bertanya 'Sejak bile awk asek nk pegang tangan ni?sblm kahwin dlu xsebok pulak nk pegang tangan cm org lain bercinte?'

'Sebab saya terlalu sayangkan awk..Saya tak nak sentuh awak sebelum kita kahwin'

Aku terkejut..terharu..dalam hati senyumku melebar..

Alhamdulillah..Inilah suami yang aku cari selama ini..

*Jangan pernah berhenti berdoa kerana Allah tidak pernah berhenti mendengar*

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Marriage - the best thing in my far.. :D

12 October 2012...

the day I became Mrs Syazana.. :)

Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah for granted me the most wonderful who could replace my late grandpa..

I have been hating him so much as I thought he has all the things that I have never wanted for my man..

but that was was as if I have met a new person..a new lover..he was soooooo gentleman..every thing that I needed from my man..Alhamdulillah..he changed 360 degree..thought I was d only one who noticed the different but my sister did too..previously, I was so scared to get married..afraid that I'll be hurt.. T_T

Now that I am married..I am no longer scared..but happy instead.. :)

*The sweetness of a relationship comes along when it is permitted by the religion*

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tick Tock TICK!

Less than 3 days left...

A lot of things to be settled...

Most of the things checked!...

The only thing...

Why don't I feel excited?

Not in the mood..Sad..

Maybe there are so much worries..they just overrule the excitement..

Dear Allah,
Please make everything smooth for both of us..please make the events turn out good for the rest of us..please please please..

I make du'a a lot *tears*

*Guess not everybody has the same excitement.. T_T*

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bangsar Shopping Center...

A new place to hang out for my siblings and I..hahahha~  (kami jakun..) weve never been to bangsar shopping center before and I have a perception that it was meant for rich people..since I believe rich people stay in Bangsar..hehehehe (I had to laugh to myself as how skeptical I was..) So, last Sunday we went there to find chocolates for my hantaran (gifts for the groom)..we went to the wrong place at first - Bangsar Village..thought it was the same and we just got to know about it when we asked the lady at Royal Doulton's shop...the lady was so nice to attend to us..but it was an experience as we found a nice place for our mom to hang out..and my older sister too..LOL..

We stayed there for a while and had some coffee first..just to kill the's RM3.30/hour..we should kill some time first,no? or the fee we paid for one hour will be wasted..hehehe..

Bangsar Village was so close to Bangsar Shopping Center..maybe 5-10 mins away..but we loved the city so was quite nice..the buildings..the trees-the scenery specifically...hehe..while we were at BSC, we went to the shop and bought the chocolates weve been searched for - patchi..I must give some credits to the promoter there..he was REALLY nice..he attended to us very patiently..answered to every questions we had..and he always give his friendly smile..we had so much fun there..we'd definitely go there to buy chocolates for other occasions in the future (say my bro's wedding..or as gifts to friends..) and you guys should too..the chocolates were nice so as the promoter..a good combination,right? perfect!

once the mission has accomplished..we had our lunch at the Burp..hehe..have u burp today? and it has promo for nasi kandar..since we were all very hungry, we chose nasi kandar for each of us..burp..alhamdulillah..hehehe..then we went to the VERY nice prayer room..i can say the nicest prayer room ive been so far..considering the cleanliness and it was so comfortable to perform our prayer i had some pictures of the prayer room..hehehe..later we went to the kitchen shop close to the prayer room and i just fall in love with the shop on the spot!it has attractive kitchen see..i used word 'attractive' to show how I was so much attracted to the shop..which means i'd definitely definitely go there if i'd the chance to spend my time at BSC again..well..i guess this is for we already decided that this will be our place for shopping in the future..other than one utama..hehe..but the downside was the parking rate there was damn expensive (compared to 1Utama)..erkkkk~~ it's RM2/hour.. T_T nangis banyakkkkk...apart from that, everything was good..the shops..the leisure we had - for the nice design.. :) was so great to spend time with my siblings (and a cousin..easier to consider her as a sibling too as we were quite close..hehehe..)

enjoy the pics!

lovely rack for Qurans

I asked my sister to snap some pictures of this prayer room while I performed my prayer and this is one of the pics..yeap..this is soooo her..she loves to take picsss of herself so much!! hahaha..I have another one but I dont plan to upload it pic is enough for her..haha..anyway, shes the one standing and the other one is suhaila-my cousin..

rack for telekungs..nice,huh?

the place to take ablution..

the prayer hall..

there was nice place next to the prayer rooms..can I call it a waiting place?hehe

my older sister was now added in the shot..

from different angle..hehe

this is the prayer room for man..loved it!

place for roller-blading and skate-boarding (do such terms exist anyway?)'s expensive..RM28 for weekends..and RM22 for weekdays..

My siblings.. :)

*Perut kenyang..suka hati XD*

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Being left behind.. T_T

How do I start?..hurmm..hurm..hurm..

Knowing that your ex-bf's progress exceeded yours..does that make you sad? I mean in a jealousy way..if it does, was it actually a bad thing? was it normal for human being? those were some of the questionsss that filled up my mind when it happened..

I am building up a family (soon)..I am someone who like to think every brain..never stopped working..actually thats how i perceived it as I constantly have a dream in my sleep EVERYDAY..I ouldnt count my sleep without a dream per year..thats how much I dream every i thought it's just that my brain did not want to stop working..but I am ok with that..having that, I always have plans on my mind..for the next day routine or even next few years ahead..and I organized it pretty nice in my brain (hopefully the targets can be achieved as time passed by), building a family needs a lot of money - thats common sense,no? no need calculations although I did calculate for that..haha..

Since I have been organizing my life so much so I didnt really keep track of any other people's progress except ones who are close to me..then later I just got to know that my ex has already terms of materials to be exact..he will get marry soon and he also managed to buy a car-not a cheap one though..and that..really surprised me!! I thought of 'how in the world that he managed to do that as I myself knew very well I will not yet be able to do that at the moment..? and the fact that I started to work earlier than him! Oh no!! it's really hard for me to digest it..I have been questioned myself A LOT..did i take a wrong path? (this happened previously-when I was sooo down..I am in a pharmaceutical industry and I assumed it is not yet really grow in the business is pretty slow..) am i moving too slow? was it my fault? was it my co's fault? I couldnt answer those questions..and I was quite down..

What did I do when I was so down? again..I think a that increased more burden to my brain..sorry brain for making you work non stop.. -__-""" then I found an answer to's just that I forgot my first ever goal when I decided to take this path - to make contributions to the ummah in any way, be it the ilm (knowledge in arabic term), the skills, anything..once I realized that, I instantly became calm and thought thats ok for me...even though I knew I was left behind..

and that's my story... :)

moral of the story..whenever we felt that we were left behind specially in terms of monetary - that's what people being chasing the most nowadays..why dont we try to take a deep breath..and look back..and dig the purpose of life we have set back then (the time when we were not bias with life and being naive)..then we will be able to stay calm and work more to achieve the goals..and stop comparing ourselves to others..remember, different people have different goals, right?


*Money and wealth are not every thing..but IMAN is*

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Missing yOu~

Today is the final day of Ramadhan and it marks my first month of not having a date with him..Alhamdulillah..Hope this will continue until our nikah day..InsyaAllah..

True..I have requested (to him) that we should not meet (unless it is really important and with a condition that there must be someone else too i.e my family members) until our nikah day..because I want to get the feeling of excitement in becoming someone's wife..and I want to get to miss him a lot so that I would get totally excited on the nikah day to be able to see him in person..It's hard to describe the feeling but I can feel that this will totally fun!! Few weeks ago, his family came to discuss about the wedding with my family and he tagged along..during the discussion, my mom called me to join the I sat in front of him..I was quite amazed of how shy I was at that time and I was really nervous..I couldnt even look at him but I knew he was looking at me..and that made me feel more embarrass..hahahaha~ The feeling is like I have never met him and it's like we were just started to get to know each other..and you know, the best feeling when we were in love is at the beginning, right? because every day is filled with excitement as we waited for our love progress day by day,no? at least, thats how I felt..hahaha~

Later that night, he called and I asked him why he was looking at me (whenever he got the chance ;P)..and I asked him 'do you miss me?' and of course he did! hahaha! and that was like..whoaaa~ this is one kind of excitement I have been looking for..sounds adventurous for me..

So, because of that..I am pretty sure I want to proceed with my plan..and I am totally looking forward to our daily progress..It's been ups and downs..definitely..but still..I liked all of them~

Yesterday, he told me he was sick..I could hear from his voice and I could tell he was on high fever..I was quite worried actually..and his fever was not yet down as of know man..they just too lazy to handle themselves when they are he didnt lsiten to every single request I asked him to do so that his fever got down quickly..ahhh!! I am so worried right now..

hopefully, he gets better soon..

*Rindu bertaut lagi*

Friday, 17 August 2012

Wedding Invitation

Friday and I am at the office with almost all people are on leave..hahaha..It's pretty quiet here..I at first thought of doing some undone work..but later I figured out that the mood was no longer there (this is not a good attitude anyway..haha) so I want to do something light and leisure..and one thing came to my mind - list out people whom I want to invite to my wedding!! yeay~~ 

Talking bout wedding invitation..I have been having a dilemma of whom I should invite..I have attended 5 schools - from primary school until university..and I have different friends that I was quite close back then..but of all schools, I have only few friends who were really close to me, and few who I was not sure how close we were (funny,huh?) and that give me dilemma as I have to spare some cards for my family too..obviously they wanted to invite their friends too, no? at first, I planned to invite my close friends only and some office mates..but then I felt guilty towards the others as they invited me to their weddings of which I did not attend to some of their weddings (sorry..I was having a bad time and I didnt wish to meet any people specially from our school)..

After taking bout 6 months thinking (that was pretty long period, huh??hahaha!), I decided to invite my close friends only, office mates and some other friends..I still feel guilty but I thought to myself..this is my day and I really wanted to celebrate with people whom I loved so much..who has never ever betrayed me or stabbed me at the back..I want to share the moment with them..and I can only afford this much of amount..huhu..

I guess thats all for now ----------> let's start working~~!! ;D

*People who make you closer to Allah - they are true friends*

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ramadhan almost comes to an end

I guess only 3 days left..I am not sure about any improvements made this year as compared to last year..but I am definitely not satisfied with my ramadhan this year..I can say this ramadhan is more of tears to me..not only due to sadness, but other things too..I cried more this year compared to last year for all reasons that I dont feel like sharing them all here in details..Even though I should have not say this, I hope I did more ibadah this year.. T_T Hopefully I can meet the ramadhan again next year..InsyaAllah..I was only left with three days and I am going to make full of it..

The-almost-end of ramadhan made me just realize that my wedding is getting closer and closer..honestly speaking, I dont have any specific feeling for this..not happy neither excited..It's soooo flat..hahahhaa..I am heartless, maybe? thats what my friend told me..I guess it's not that I dont have feelings but I just dont have time to figure out my feelings towards it..Most of my time was used to spend with my settle all the important things bout the worry about my next semester that will start reflect myself during this ramadhan month for all the tears shed..yes..that were just part of it..soon, I just found out it is almost at the end of ramadhan..then comes raya..then national day on 31st, then malaysia day on 16th then finally my wedding that will come less than a month after flies real fasttt.. O_O

..... (lost my words ;P)

*The only thing that is never sufficient for man - TIME*

Friday, 27 July 2012


During my childhood days..teachers always told us to say subhanallah when we see nice things/creations of Allah..alhamdulillah whenever we get something or to show our thankful to Allah..*this is simply mumbling*

Now let's get to the point..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..That was the only word appeared on my mind when the situation turns out just perfect for me..Alhamdulillah..


It began when I was so worried bout my financial flow for this month due to insufficient fund cause of previous month's spending and I totally forgot about some of the payments that I need to settle for this month..So, getting through my monthly budget..I was so frustrated and worried as I have owed some amount of money from my sister..and I only have an extra amount of money that I already kept it to buy a Quran that I have been wanting for some times..

However, after went to the same shop for three times and the owner was never there..I was more frustrated as I thought I might not destine for this first I was not sure whether to pay the money I have allocated for the Quran to my sister or try to look for the Quran once again..I was in dilemma then..

Later I decided I really need to get the Quran and use the money for the Quran since I already put my intention (niat) to use the money for the Quran plus since I maximized my budget for the Quran, I knew I will have some remainder so I could use it to partially pay my sister and I thought I should have tried to find other money to fully pay my sister and I decided to put that aside first and get the Quran during today's lunch hour..

When the clock ticked at 12.30pm..I rushed to the shop to get the Quran in the hope that the owner was there..yes..she was there..BUT the quran is OUT OF STOCK!..again..I was really frustrated and I really thought that I was not meant to buy the quran..yes..I was definitely sad..While walking to my car, I still thought that I could use the money to pay my sister but I knew that deep inside I still wanted the Quran so badly then I just remembered that there was a book store close to the again I rushed there too (yeap..need to rush here and there so that I wouldnt exceed the lunch hour duration given that was only 30 minutes..)..once I reached there I was happy to see there were some stocks of the Quran..and it was just in front of the counter..yes..that was just nice for me..Checking up the price..It was the same I took the Quran and went to the counter..and the lady asked me whether I have the book store's privilege card and yes I do..(I previously was not aware of the privilege of having the card..) and guess what..the price was discounted!!Alhamdulillah..due to that, I have just enough money to pay my sister too..and yeah..I was so happy and thankful to Allah..It was not a huge amount of money but having that to help me pay the money I have owed from someone..was really a relief for me..Syukran Ya Allah..

This simple and small situation made me realize of how perfect and nice Allah has planned for us..I was really really thankful and now I can breath in relief since I managed to get the Quran that I have been saved for and I managed to pay (in full amount) my sister at the same time..

I also learned that Allah has always has the power to give rizq to anyone he wanted no matter how small it is..


*Rizq is everywhere..Work for it..and Make Du'a..It will come whenever you didn't expect it..*

Friday, 20 July 2012

Perasaan yang kucar kacir


The word..kind of my habit now..I believe this is a test for me from Allah..I am speechless and sad..wondering whether I made some mistakes again? astaghfirullahalazim..I have apologized and tried to be nice..Although I know we cant be friends but at least to keep that person in my book of life is something I'd love to..not because that person is my love..but just a someone whom i used to love and whom was so nice to me..knowing that I was deleted from a memory..I somehow feel sad which I believe I should have not acted this way as I am attached with someone else..I could not explain the feeling but I know I am sad because of this..So I pray to Allah;

Ya Allah..Janganlah engkau bolak balik kan hatiku..Engkau jauhkan lah aku dari perkara-perkara yang boleh menyebabkan penganiayaan terhadap orang lain..Bantulah aku untuk menghapus dosa kesalahan yang telah aku lakukan pada mahlukMu..tujuan hidup aku hanyalah syurgaMu, ya Allah..


*Thinking about death and hell makes me terrified*

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I was transferring my pictures from phone into my netbook and I just found some old pics that I once wished to share here but obviously I did not..hehehe...I guess I should stop babbling for a while and let the pics do the talking..Weee~

This is from the garden's restaurant..the foods aree yummehhh!

from the garden's too..managed to snap the pic before it's gone..hahaha..

this is stuffed portabello mushroom..the second trial with bigger mushroom..haha

looks like a burger huh? had this once and thats more of it..too heavy for a dish, too much..i'd prefer smaller portabello..hehe

cheesy baked prawn..managed to get similar taste as in manhattan fish market dish yO~

cheesy buttered prawn..this heavy too..have it one and for all..once a year would be enough i guess..haha

this is an ice cream that my sister was so proud of as she loved the double scoop being side by side..LOL

view from top..hehe

That's all for now..actually i wish to share the pics from a dim sum buffet i went to last 2 weeks but then i decided to make it in one entry so i can do some review on that..

*Food is a can be a hell too.. ;P*

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I believe bridezilla comes from combination of bride+godzilla shows that a bride is becoming a godzilla due to stress from wedding preparation...

Basically, I thought I am becoming bridezilla as some of the plannings do not go the way that I wanted them to be..(well,specially my wedding cards..sob sob sob..)..Actually, I at first didnt realized that the whole wedding card thing really affected me that much..but now I do..Currently, I am pretty stress and depressed due to this..I easily cried when someone broke my heart..and I could not help myself from being a little bit down when I think of the wedding card..yeahh..I wondered..of all items on my wedding preparations..why would the mess involved with the wedding card because thats one which I hoped to turn out well..not so perfect but definitely not worst..I have always dreamed of having just-nice-looking card..not even the extravagant ones..because the cards represent me,myself..of how I am so keen to invite people to my that the insert is's kind of unwelcome to thats why i feel so sad bout this.. T_T
and because of that interest towards the wedding preparations dropped so much so I didnt care of any other things anymore..

but last night..after talking to my fiancee..I just know that I need to get back on track as the dateline is more closer..and a lot of things were not ready..yet..and I decided if I still cant accept the fact that my card is not that nice..I might change the inserts later..only the inserts..just print new ones...let's see later how it goes..i mean how my mood goes..huhuhuhu

ok..talking bout bridezilla..since i thought of myself becoming one..i do some searches on it..and i found a nice article on it..hehehehe..the article may not  be much related to malay wedding..but I think i can use that as a reference..some may refer to my current state..but thats only 20% of I know I should change now and be happy.. hahahuhu (combination of happy and sad)..

Link to the website ---- 10 signs youre turning into bridezilla

----> the bridezillas
Dear Allah, please make ease of every preparation I make specially during the day of event..Ameen..

*Every steps must have their own obstacles*

Sunday, 24 June 2012

MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia we have masterchef celebrity fever..wooohoooo~~

At first, I am not quite interested at this program as I know I may not be learning a lot or putting high expectations to the celebrities because they were not there to really fight each other but they have a cause to bring, I am quite busy with studying and wedding preparation..not to forget my I missed a lot of the episodes..making me more least interested to watch it..but now as I am reaching the end of semester, my load has been somehow reduced a bit so I have some free time so I watch this program..It actually started when I was invited by my sis to stay with her since her husband is working off shore..later, I found it is quite interesting tv program..hurmm..there..I babbled a lot..duhhh..

ok let's get to my the program getting more views..I used to get some of shout out of some friends on Facebook on this..and somehow I dont find some of the shout outs appropriate considering the purpose of the program itself..well it is my view..some others might have different views on this..I personally feel that this program is quite different from typical masterchef program as it involves celebrities where I believe it doesnt include preliminary selection of the cooks..and is meant for as to say it is not as serious as real masterchef program as it serves different purpose - to win a fund/make charity..

However, some shout outs seem emotional when they keep claiming that they can cook better than the celebrities..specially when the food cooked by some celebrities (I can say maybe ones that they dislike most) were so lame and not good enough..thats pretty unbelievable as some of the celebrities clearly never had any cooking, what do you expect? and to compare yourself with them..doesnt that pretty low of you? it made me get this kind of feeling 'are you on the same level with them..?that might just shows you are no better than them..' comparing yourself (that I assumed have some cooking experiences,at least) with someone who never cooked at all..doesnt that sound funny? I dont have any problem with people who dont know how to cook but do not afraid to try..but I have problems with people who like to criticize other people especially when they are no better..specially when it comes to is something you feed yourself..and you dont want bad things inside your body (i dont expect you do want that..) if people dont cook would be nice to give positive critics instead of trying to show off that you are an excellent one (by comparing yourself with them?i just dont get the vibe)..and never ever despise (im not sure if this is the right term.. -_-") food even if you hate it so much..I believe that was in one of our prophet's sayings, no?

I love food so much..and I could not stand it when people proudly criticize other people's cooking unless they were obliged to do so-which means they already have the acknowledgement for themselves first before giving out critics..still,with a right manner..

again..i talked a lot..guess i like to talk a lot these days..duhhh~~ T_T

*Cooking is an is subjective*

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review - Kajang Wedding Card

It's been a while I did not write..I just finished 2 papers of my final examinations and have another one to go..phew~~ pray that this semester would finish fast as I need some time for myself.. T_T

Specifically, this post is for a review of my wedding card produced by Kajang Wedding Card Sdn's located at jalan besar kajang in front of the bus station..Well, my fiancee and I decided to have their service as they offered an affordable price of card when we went to the festival pengantin early this year..Yes, typical festival pengantin..there were so many offers and we took this one since it was closer to my home and I pretty liked the design..actually, it's a quite common design as I received a lot my friends' wedding card with the same design..During that time, I was offered with 3-folded card's envelope with embossed at one side of it, printed envelope and 2 free buntings..Actually, buntings were not really my concern as I didnt plan to have it at all but as it was offered, I thought it's an added value..

Later we went to their shop and discussed about the card and finalized everything.. I was so happy and relief that one step is done..few days later, I received a call from them telling that the card that I ordered costs higher than the offer (as in its a different offer)..and there were some arguments and I was left with two options; stick with the design but higher cost OR change the design..I was in the car with my mother at that time..and she quite pissed off about that as she felt that once you offered something, it's not nice to simply tell your customer to change it due to your own just somehow showed that u r trying to cheat your customers..but I decided to tolerate with that and proceed with different design..then again, my fiancee and I went to their shop to get the new design and finalize everything..

Few weeks later, I received a call from them again..I was so excited that maybe the cards were ready..but to my surprise..that was not a call that I expected as they told me that the embossed was impossible due to the printing line that was not in line with the emboss were the conversations;

KWC: cik, kitorg xbole nk emboss sbb line tu lari..xsame dgn printing..mcm mn ek?
me: alamak..kenape? sy nk jugak emboss tu..
KWC: tp dh print sume dh..mcm mn ek?
me: ........xpela..nnt sy discuss ngn tunang sy (this is when i started to piss off)

Before I proceed, let me stress here, the purpose I chose the design is for the emboss they offered..I tried to be more tolerate during last arguments but now, I AM pissed off..because I could not accept the fact that they asked their customer what they should do with the problems even though I already mentioned I want the emboss..and their reply showed that they could not do anything since the cards were already printed..and one question popped up on my mind 'AM I THE ONE WHO SHOULD FIX IT??'

Later we went there again to discuss with that time, i was still pissed off and i hated to meet people whom I am mad with because I am a bad-tempered person but I hate to scold people or be angry at them at any time..when we were there, they were actually trying to offer us a deduction of rm50 for the compensation as they cant proceed with the job..and again..that..just made me more angry..rm50 out of rm900+ and the card did not turn out as they offered..and thats the limit I could go..I am so pissed off I cant even look at their face..n during the explanation and what not..they asked us about the buntings..and my fiancee told them the buntings were not really our concern..we dont really want them..n yet they offered us printed envelope to replace the buntings as previously the offer did not include printed envelope..DAMN! that just made me more n more n more pissed off! how in the world you offered some thing and later u claimed it was not offered..if it's your staff's misunderstanding, should I be the one who should bear with it? I was surprised and I cant even open my mouth as I cant hold my temper body shook as I tried my best to avoid scolding people or being really mad..later i asked my fiancee to discuss outside..and we agreed to get a refund as I dont want the mess to further bother me..and I asked him to do it on his own because I couldnt face them anymore..because I am a bad-tempered person,  I always try as much possible to avoid getting mad at people but it's not easy to hold on and I also have my, the only way I found to avoid scolding people..I tried as much possible to avoid them until I cooled down and it also took me quite some time to cool down..I have once scolded people in front of other people and that left me with regret so I never ever wanted to repeat that again..

Next, my fiancee came to me and told me the cards can be embossed so we may proceed without a refund..and I was like 'now..they can do the emboss why cant they previously?' and he explained..they can because they will get a new stamp for the emboss..then I was like 'they actually can do it..but they dont want to do it just because the stamp doesnt fit anymore..and should we be the one who need to bear with the cost?' thats ridiculous..So, I tried to calm myself down and we went home..

Few weeks later, we got a message that the cards are ready..Im not quite excited to get the cards as I have a bad feeling about it..but Ive tried the best possible to think positive..So we went to their shop again and I let my fiancee settled everything and he brought the card to me..and I looked at it..but I dont feel happy..I wondered why..but later this question popped up from my fiancee 'np kad ni mcm xcantik ek?' then I tried to look at it again..and there I just discovered why I was not excited looking at it..because it's not neat..the printing, I can say it may be a low quality as the font looked like it almost faded away..just like an old card..I was quite upset about this but I kept it to myself as I have exams going..I dont want to be emotional..then when I was home..I asked my family to take a look..and I expected..they also didnt seem excited..and my sister started to babble, telling me that I shouldnt have went to festival pengantin to get all those things because when they reduced the cant expect good quality from them..I was so sad..I couldnt hold it anymore..and i went into my room to have a little chat with my fiancee just to calm down..

After a few days, I decided to write an email to give my feedback on their service..I didnt expect my money back..I didnt even expect they should print them out again..but to let them know how I feel about their work so that they can improve in the future and I also didnt have any intention to stop other people from getting their card from KWC..but later I received a negative reply from them..OMG~ that is just soooo ridiculous..I didnt even ask for my money back..and I can tell how arrogant they were towards me and how they feel their cards were good enough..that just changed my perspective towards suck big time man~ I saw other people did the same design as yours and they did 100 times better than you..I knew what I want and I knew how it should turn out because I have seen the same card with better look, with more solid's my bad I just threw the cards without getting the contact number first..and I truly learnt from that..and I would not recommend them to other people..thats for sure..

I, however took this as a test for me to be more patience and acceptance to what had happened..

*Some Malaysians just forgot that customers are always right*

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

hee hoo~~

just sorted out my recipe recipe collectionsss..from everywhere..but some of them were not yet collected as they are everywhere in my my the computer..

yes..i have a lot of them cause i used to collect them whenever i came across easy-and-maybe-delicious recipes..i might write it on dirty papers (go green!!) and i might print them or just saved them in the computer..

i have this one dream of having a big kitchen for myself and large volume of recipe books..hahahaha!! tamakkkk!!

have tried to cook aglio olio spaghetti..guess it turned out well cause my sister loves it so much i have to cook it few times in two days as i cooked it in small portion..

it happened this way..

on one fine afternoon..i just felt like eating aglio olio as i just bought enough ingredients the day before..tried once during the weekend but some of the ingredients were not there and tried to replace them with others..but it didnt turn out so i was so excited to cook it that evening after work..

i happily returned home and told everybody that i want to cook aglio olio..they were like 'what is that?' specially my sister 'it's not delicious, isnt it?it's weird' i was like 'whatever..i just wanted to try it so badly cuz i managed to get all the ingredients and i want to taste my own cook of aglio olio..heheh!' then after finished cooking, i brought it at the tv room to show off to my sis (btw, shes a good not comparable to shes quite choosy in tasting food..)..looking at my dish, she said 'can i taste it?' then i said 'thought u dont want to..dont u say it's weird?'..she replied 'looks tasty..just gimme that!' hahaha..

then..her response..

'wahhhh!!! this tastes soooo gooddd!!' then she started to eat it and when i asked her when is my turn..she just replied 'u can cook it on your own so u dont need your turn..' -_____-''' yes..she is the cruelllaaaa~

later she told..i tried aglio olio once and i thought it tasted's so different from yours..

wow!! didnt expect that..but, i took that as a compliment..hehehhee

well..i get to taste aglio olio at Marco pizza using groupon..and thats where i get to know how aglio olio may taste like..but i like my version better as Marco's was quite's not really my version cause i took it from the internet..maybe thats not the true taste of aglio olio..but i wish i could taste more pasta when i have the opportunity to go to its origin country;ITALY!! hehehehe..and later i can cook them better.. @_@

sorry I didnt manage to snap the pic of aglio olio cooked by me..cause though i cooked it for like few times in 2 finished fast and i forgot to snap a picture of it..

and im quite busy as i am currently close to the end of my second have plenty of revisions to do..some projects to complete and i am in charge of projects at my office (specifically in my own section) excitement for cooking would usually at lowest when i was so tense and busy..maybe i can have some times to cook when my semester ends in June..hehehe..cant wait!! have a lot of recipes to try on!!

i have a dream..
a big kitchen to swim..

(ignore not good with words.. -_-")

*A tip to gain love: cook for your loved ones..they will be indulged with your feelings towards them..)

Sunday, 29 April 2012


sedih..thats the only word that can describe my feeling..hurm..couldnt expect that this will be my quick post after leaving this blog for quite sometimes..yes..been very busy these days..with my studies, my work, my wedding preparation, house chores..

yet i still wish to share my current feeling..why do i feel so sad?..

looking at the tense we have these days in Malaysia..comments and criticisms..somehow i feel like everybody is trying to speak up by showing off their intelligence...a status shared that is supposed to be discussed politely was ruined by telling others that their stupid enough for having different thoughts..

I dont think it is proper when someone is trying to share his/her opinion but later was opposed by the others and simply tell him/her they are stupid for not being well versed of what happened nowadays..why do people have become this way? you are not perfect..others are not too..and different people have different thoughts..why do people has to make the already-tensed situation to more tense situation..

I I too rigid so I dont really like changes? but later I thought I am not rigid and I am not one who simply satisfied with everything I had..I found myself to be one who really dislike fight among people regardless of who they are..which races they intelligent they are..the fights..they are really bad..and they make me feel sad..i just want a country that is peace and harmony..i can move anywhere i can..i can freely perform the obligations required by Islam..I doubt that currently I couldnt perform prayers whats the buzz?

Somehow, people nowadays wish to change everybody they met..wish to have all people to follow their beliefs..then what does make them different from  the one they oppose?and yet they want to claim they fight for they really fully understand what Islam really wants?

I am not a perfect muslim..but I want to be one..All I need now is a peaceful life so that I can always look at the sky and be thankful for everything that Allah has granted me with..

Maybe we can start by defining of what do we really want in our life? cause life is short and it is not permanent..

*Fights are not the way to fulfill your needs*

Friday, 16 March 2012

Thank Allah


I am currently waiting for my fiancée ( now engaged~ he~) to meet our photographer..Hes riding his motorcycle and it was raining just now..I prayed so hard the rain would stop so my fiancée wouldnt get wet and sick later..

minutes after that..the rain stopped!! I am quite surprise and i do not have to be worried bout him coming here wet..btw..he may take about 1 hr to arrive here..huhuhu..glad hes so considerate enough to be here..

Nevertheless,very much thankful to Allah for granting my prayer (du'a)

*Allah is always by your side..pray any time you need Him..*

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blaming Industry

Oh my my~!

I have a list of topics to be shared but now I keep having quick sharing on the blog..somehow, do I look desperate enough to share? Guess I have the burning fire inside of me then..hahahaha! what’s with the blaming industry? Why do I call blaming industry? I intended to put it as blaming tribe at first but I thought of it is growing somehow it can give up an industry then..cause one acted that way and later on influenced the other to it can a be an industry..producing like-to-blame-others people..done!
Then why do I describe that way? Ive been working for almost 3 years and ive been observing people’s act and behavior at my office..and ive found that whenever problems occurred, instead of finding the solutions, the tendency to find the culprit is greater..they tried to find the one who did the mistakes first..i was wondering, whats the good of finding that person first? Having teach by my former religious school few years back to always think good of people then I thought the reason they did that is to find the core of the problems so that the problems can be easily solved. However, the observation found the other way around..finding whos to blame is just for the sake there is somebody can be blamed for that mistake..i don’t really agree with this idea..and I found it to be very negative..why my observation said so? Cause once the culprit is found, then that’s it! Then later stories goes around talking bout the people’s mistakes..duhh! this is bad, no?
For me..i don’t really care who did the mistake..what matters most is can the problem be solved? What do we do to improve that so same mistakes will not happen in the future? Cause I believe this kind of culture makes people feel hard to be responsible for everything they did..even though they make mistakes..they keep it to themselves, afraid of penalty being put on them and later they’ll never you know ? being pointed and alone at the same sucks big time!
Yesterday, it happened right in front of my eyes..the problem is simple though..yet someone has to be blamed..seeing adults trying to put the blame on someone really disgusts me..honestly speaking..and I also believe if we are on the same team and if anyone in the team tends to do the same mistakes every’s not the individual mistake can be the whole team’s mistake because they don’t support each other..unless we were really working there anyone working alone? please put up your hand so I can count..heh~

Again..why do we keep on trying to blame people?? We are not born stop the blaming!!

*Trying to blame someone takes a ringgit away from you*

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A simple thought... =)'s been a while..with soon to change to another phase of is quite full nowadays..but im loving it..hehehe~

Ok..have something to share when I was at a shopping complex this afternoon ->spend my leisure time with my lovely sister..hehehe

story 1: we were at a bookstore when suddenly a mother and her child entered the that time, we heard the child said 'mak..jgn laju sgt..adek penat la..' was cute and funny!! then when i was searching for my book, i came across them and heard him saying 'mak..jgn lepaskn adek..nnt adek hilang..' while he was looking for his cartoon! he was cautious about everything..i really found that funny though..but it gave me a good thought cause i really hate it when i saw a mother doing her shopping without even realizing that her child is playing somewhere else..n later she losts her/him..darn!it is really an eyesore..a mother/parents supposed to be with the child at all time..they are their responsibility!

story 2: while we were walking to a super market to buy groceries..i happened to see a child holding her mother's hand and shes wearing a sleeveless dress..holding her mother's hand would mean shes exposing her underarm..but you know what she did? she covered it with her other hand..i was so amazed..a child at that age (maybe around 4-6 yrs old..from my view..heheh) is so shy to show off her underarm..but the adults..are proud of their underarm and love to share the view of their underarm to other's really weird or it is normal?hahahahaha!! and yeah..i found that funny too!!

well..that are the two stories i wish to share..will share again more next time..heee~~

*Children is a bless from Allah who have the capabilities to teach the adults the basic of life*

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Wow! It’s really been a while I didn’t write anything. I really wanted to write, I even got the list of topics to be shared but did not proceed with any. It may sound like an excuse but I believe this one attitude which I like to things that I dislike first before doing things that I like..So guess I like to write too..(maybe? Hahaha)

Since I have a little free time to write now..I decided to write time here means I don’t have so much things to settle on my mind so I can focus on writing..hehe..I need to manage my time wisely la..huhu

OK..lets get to my topic..anyone who listen to Hitz fm must be aware of advertisement on nandos peri peri something..their ad is on their delicious meal (they claimed sis agreed to that but I think the portion is too small la..) and in the ad they stress on people using same words repeated two times..and at the end said ‘because it’s so delicious, you have to say it twice’..
I have been listening to that quite many times since my car main radio station is hitz fm but everytime I always wonder why they use word ‘have’ instead of ‘want’..using ‘have’ at that particular statement sounds like you are force to do it rather than you are willing to do in if want is feels like because the food are really delicious, without any force, we are just willing to say it twice to show that it’s really

Doesn’t ‘because it’s delicious, you want to say it twice’ look more agreeable?

*This post is supposed to be published on 10 Jan but I forgot to publish..T_T

'Words have lots of meaning..'