Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blaming Industry

Oh my my~!

I have a list of topics to be shared but now I keep having quick sharing on the blog..somehow, do I look desperate enough to share? Guess I have the burning fire inside of me then..hahahaha! what’s with the blaming industry? Why do I call blaming industry? I intended to put it as blaming tribe at first but I thought of it is growing somehow it can give up an industry then..cause one acted that way and later on influenced the other to it can a be an industry..producing like-to-blame-others people..done!
Then why do I describe that way? Ive been working for almost 3 years and ive been observing people’s act and behavior at my office..and ive found that whenever problems occurred, instead of finding the solutions, the tendency to find the culprit is greater..they tried to find the one who did the mistakes first..i was wondering, whats the good of finding that person first? Having teach by my former religious school few years back to always think good of people then I thought the reason they did that is to find the core of the problems so that the problems can be easily solved. However, the observation found the other way around..finding whos to blame is just for the sake there is somebody can be blamed for that mistake..i don’t really agree with this idea..and I found it to be very negative..why my observation said so? Cause once the culprit is found, then that’s it! Then later stories goes around talking bout the people’s mistakes..duhh! this is bad, no?
For me..i don’t really care who did the mistake..what matters most is can the problem be solved? What do we do to improve that so same mistakes will not happen in the future? Cause I believe this kind of culture makes people feel hard to be responsible for everything they did..even though they make mistakes..they keep it to themselves, afraid of penalty being put on them and later they’ll never you know ? being pointed and alone at the same sucks big time!
Yesterday, it happened right in front of my eyes..the problem is simple though..yet someone has to be blamed..seeing adults trying to put the blame on someone really disgusts me..honestly speaking..and I also believe if we are on the same team and if anyone in the team tends to do the same mistakes every’s not the individual mistake can be the whole team’s mistake because they don’t support each other..unless we were really working there anyone working alone? please put up your hand so I can count..heh~

Again..why do we keep on trying to blame people?? We are not born stop the blaming!!

*Trying to blame someone takes a ringgit away from you*

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