Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Insidious 2011

Phewwww~~~ just mentioning the title, my heart beats faster..hahahhaa~ salah2..tu exagerate je tu..huahuahua~

hurm..have you watched insidious?

i have! hahaha..actually, i dont plan on watching this movie but at that time, i didnt really have a choice (hurm..nothing to watch but still wanted to,aite?ngong tol~)..thought this movie is so-so..but i think it's kinda good movie..the plot is unpredictable..the ending too..damn nice!! hahhaa..i love movies that i cant predict whats gonna happen next..so, it's like i hv to wait till the end to know the whole plot..interesting, aite?

so..what it is all about? it's about a family..moving to a new house..then they were disturbed by a spirit..their son fallen into comma because of that..(because of that ke?huahuahua) they thought it was the house then they moved to another house..they were disturbed again..bla bla bla..the suspense part of the movie was exciting!

go and watch it!!

*Always have a faith on your loved ones..*

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My best friend's wedding

hurm...it's been a while i didnt update anything here..actually i didnt really hv anything to share..but basically was not really in the mood to share anything...duhhh

thought i did say i will share on my best fren's wedding, dla..

shes one of my best frens from my high school..there were 11 of us..ramai kn?hehehe..n shes the first to get married..only 2 of us have boyfriend while another 8 are still singles..so, if anybody wishes to get to know em..just let me know k..they may not be pretty enough for you (they r beautiful in my eyes though) but they have gorgeous hearts ya know..hehehe promote plak..

ok anyway, dla was married to one of our schoolmates..hurm..to be exact my ex-classmate..hehe..they were frens at first..a gd frens..turns out the guy likes her..thank Allah she met a nice man who cares about her a lot and willing to do anything for her..yeap..i knew it..hehehe~

let's enjoy the pics k..

 this is an Indonesian style wedding..

 there were only 8 of us..1 has gone home..another 1 was at sabah and couldnt attend the wedding..huhu..

hehe..the wedding was awesome!! and we had a great time together! its not easy to gather all of us in one place since everybody is busy with works..meeting them is really amazing..

credit picture to khairulhafiz.net

*A best friend is someone who always cry and laugh with us*