Friday, 27 July 2012


During my childhood days..teachers always told us to say subhanallah when we see nice things/creations of Allah..alhamdulillah whenever we get something or to show our thankful to Allah..*this is simply mumbling*

Now let's get to the point..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..That was the only word appeared on my mind when the situation turns out just perfect for me..Alhamdulillah..


It began when I was so worried bout my financial flow for this month due to insufficient fund cause of previous month's spending and I totally forgot about some of the payments that I need to settle for this month..So, getting through my monthly budget..I was so frustrated and worried as I have owed some amount of money from my sister..and I only have an extra amount of money that I already kept it to buy a Quran that I have been wanting for some times..

However, after went to the same shop for three times and the owner was never there..I was more frustrated as I thought I might not destine for this first I was not sure whether to pay the money I have allocated for the Quran to my sister or try to look for the Quran once again..I was in dilemma then..

Later I decided I really need to get the Quran and use the money for the Quran since I already put my intention (niat) to use the money for the Quran plus since I maximized my budget for the Quran, I knew I will have some remainder so I could use it to partially pay my sister and I thought I should have tried to find other money to fully pay my sister and I decided to put that aside first and get the Quran during today's lunch hour..

When the clock ticked at 12.30pm..I rushed to the shop to get the Quran in the hope that the owner was there..yes..she was there..BUT the quran is OUT OF STOCK!..again..I was really frustrated and I really thought that I was not meant to buy the quran..yes..I was definitely sad..While walking to my car, I still thought that I could use the money to pay my sister but I knew that deep inside I still wanted the Quran so badly then I just remembered that there was a book store close to the again I rushed there too (yeap..need to rush here and there so that I wouldnt exceed the lunch hour duration given that was only 30 minutes..)..once I reached there I was happy to see there were some stocks of the Quran..and it was just in front of the counter..yes..that was just nice for me..Checking up the price..It was the same I took the Quran and went to the counter..and the lady asked me whether I have the book store's privilege card and yes I do..(I previously was not aware of the privilege of having the card..) and guess what..the price was discounted!!Alhamdulillah..due to that, I have just enough money to pay my sister too..and yeah..I was so happy and thankful to Allah..It was not a huge amount of money but having that to help me pay the money I have owed from someone..was really a relief for me..Syukran Ya Allah..

This simple and small situation made me realize of how perfect and nice Allah has planned for us..I was really really thankful and now I can breath in relief since I managed to get the Quran that I have been saved for and I managed to pay (in full amount) my sister at the same time..

I also learned that Allah has always has the power to give rizq to anyone he wanted no matter how small it is..


*Rizq is everywhere..Work for it..and Make Du'a..It will come whenever you didn't expect it..*

Friday, 20 July 2012

Perasaan yang kucar kacir


The word..kind of my habit now..I believe this is a test for me from Allah..I am speechless and sad..wondering whether I made some mistakes again? astaghfirullahalazim..I have apologized and tried to be nice..Although I know we cant be friends but at least to keep that person in my book of life is something I'd love to..not because that person is my love..but just a someone whom i used to love and whom was so nice to me..knowing that I was deleted from a memory..I somehow feel sad which I believe I should have not acted this way as I am attached with someone else..I could not explain the feeling but I know I am sad because of this..So I pray to Allah;

Ya Allah..Janganlah engkau bolak balik kan hatiku..Engkau jauhkan lah aku dari perkara-perkara yang boleh menyebabkan penganiayaan terhadap orang lain..Bantulah aku untuk menghapus dosa kesalahan yang telah aku lakukan pada mahlukMu..tujuan hidup aku hanyalah syurgaMu, ya Allah..


*Thinking about death and hell makes me terrified*

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I was transferring my pictures from phone into my netbook and I just found some old pics that I once wished to share here but obviously I did not..hehehe...I guess I should stop babbling for a while and let the pics do the talking..Weee~

This is from the garden's restaurant..the foods aree yummehhh!

from the garden's too..managed to snap the pic before it's gone..hahaha..

this is stuffed portabello mushroom..the second trial with bigger mushroom..haha

looks like a burger huh? had this once and thats more of it..too heavy for a dish, too much..i'd prefer smaller portabello..hehe

cheesy baked prawn..managed to get similar taste as in manhattan fish market dish yO~

cheesy buttered prawn..this heavy too..have it one and for all..once a year would be enough i guess..haha

this is an ice cream that my sister was so proud of as she loved the double scoop being side by side..LOL

view from top..hehe

That's all for now..actually i wish to share the pics from a dim sum buffet i went to last 2 weeks but then i decided to make it in one entry so i can do some review on that..

*Food is a can be a hell too.. ;P*