Sunday, 24 June 2012

MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia we have masterchef celebrity fever..wooohoooo~~

At first, I am not quite interested at this program as I know I may not be learning a lot or putting high expectations to the celebrities because they were not there to really fight each other but they have a cause to bring, I am quite busy with studying and wedding preparation..not to forget my I missed a lot of the episodes..making me more least interested to watch it..but now as I am reaching the end of semester, my load has been somehow reduced a bit so I have some free time so I watch this program..It actually started when I was invited by my sis to stay with her since her husband is working off shore..later, I found it is quite interesting tv program..hurmm..there..I babbled a lot..duhhh..

ok let's get to my the program getting more views..I used to get some of shout out of some friends on Facebook on this..and somehow I dont find some of the shout outs appropriate considering the purpose of the program itself..well it is my view..some others might have different views on this..I personally feel that this program is quite different from typical masterchef program as it involves celebrities where I believe it doesnt include preliminary selection of the cooks..and is meant for as to say it is not as serious as real masterchef program as it serves different purpose - to win a fund/make charity..

However, some shout outs seem emotional when they keep claiming that they can cook better than the celebrities..specially when the food cooked by some celebrities (I can say maybe ones that they dislike most) were so lame and not good enough..thats pretty unbelievable as some of the celebrities clearly never had any cooking, what do you expect? and to compare yourself with them..doesnt that pretty low of you? it made me get this kind of feeling 'are you on the same level with them..?that might just shows you are no better than them..' comparing yourself (that I assumed have some cooking experiences,at least) with someone who never cooked at all..doesnt that sound funny? I dont have any problem with people who dont know how to cook but do not afraid to try..but I have problems with people who like to criticize other people especially when they are no better..specially when it comes to is something you feed yourself..and you dont want bad things inside your body (i dont expect you do want that..) if people dont cook would be nice to give positive critics instead of trying to show off that you are an excellent one (by comparing yourself with them?i just dont get the vibe)..and never ever despise (im not sure if this is the right term.. -_-") food even if you hate it so much..I believe that was in one of our prophet's sayings, no?

I love food so much..and I could not stand it when people proudly criticize other people's cooking unless they were obliged to do so-which means they already have the acknowledgement for themselves first before giving out critics..still,with a right manner..

again..i talked a lot..guess i like to talk a lot these days..duhhh~~ T_T

*Cooking is an is subjective*

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