Saturday, 18 August 2012

Missing yOu~

Today is the final day of Ramadhan and it marks my first month of not having a date with him..Alhamdulillah..Hope this will continue until our nikah day..InsyaAllah..

True..I have requested (to him) that we should not meet (unless it is really important and with a condition that there must be someone else too i.e my family members) until our nikah day..because I want to get the feeling of excitement in becoming someone's wife..and I want to get to miss him a lot so that I would get totally excited on the nikah day to be able to see him in person..It's hard to describe the feeling but I can feel that this will totally fun!! Few weeks ago, his family came to discuss about the wedding with my family and he tagged along..during the discussion, my mom called me to join the I sat in front of him..I was quite amazed of how shy I was at that time and I was really nervous..I couldnt even look at him but I knew he was looking at me..and that made me feel more embarrass..hahahaha~ The feeling is like I have never met him and it's like we were just started to get to know each other..and you know, the best feeling when we were in love is at the beginning, right? because every day is filled with excitement as we waited for our love progress day by day,no? at least, thats how I felt..hahaha~

Later that night, he called and I asked him why he was looking at me (whenever he got the chance ;P)..and I asked him 'do you miss me?' and of course he did! hahaha! and that was like..whoaaa~ this is one kind of excitement I have been looking for..sounds adventurous for me..

So, because of that..I am pretty sure I want to proceed with my plan..and I am totally looking forward to our daily progress..It's been ups and downs..definitely..but still..I liked all of them~

Yesterday, he told me he was sick..I could hear from his voice and I could tell he was on high fever..I was quite worried actually..and his fever was not yet down as of know man..they just too lazy to handle themselves when they are he didnt lsiten to every single request I asked him to do so that his fever got down quickly..ahhh!! I am so worried right now..

hopefully, he gets better soon..

*Rindu bertaut lagi*

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