Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cinta Qaseh - True love?

Definitely NO!!

Hahaha..I did not exactly follow the drama series and was not intended to..and after watching 1 episode..I am definitely not going to continue watching it..thats an absolute!


Because I disagree with the plot..the way they tried to illustrate a love is so annoying to my view..
Ok..let me explain a bit of the synopsis..the drama is basically about a woman who is in love with a man and they were separated (dunno whats the cause)..later she is arranged to get married with the other man by her parents..but shes still in love with the first man..since they were separated, she got married to the second man..however, after they get married, the first man showed up..and here the questions appeared..what will be the end? But I dont really care about the ending of the drama..

I watched 1 episode and I thought 'thats it..this drama is stupid..' why? The episode I watched showed that this girl is still in love with the first man and she even lied to that man that shes not married! Even when that man saw her ring..she still tried to keep it as a secret..and there she was caught red handed by the husband which the second man..

I was soooo mad after watching it..what kind of wife is that?

For me..no matter how you were head overs heal towards a man but when you are married to other man..there is no way you can love that man anymore..your love is for your husband only..ONLY! Even though hes still in your heart..you can be too mean to show your towards that man..thats not right..
I hate it when I have to watch a ridiculous malay drama..I dont see it is a good point for showing a true love..thats not true love..thats betrayal..FULLSTOP!

Call me nuts or close minded person..thats my belief..thats what islam thought me..

Ive been there too..and I prayed to learn how to control it..and I am always thankful to allah that for His guidance..I am able to love my husband sincerely..for I know he can be one of the ways for me to enter jannah..inshaa allah..

P/s: I was babbling a lot when I watched the drama..and hubby asked me to slow down and not too emotionally involved into it..btw, thats not a nice drama telling bout love..nah nah..

*true love is always misinterpreted by many muslim*

Weekend entertainment

Entertainment?? Oh yeah baby!! Gwarhhhhh!!

The initial plan was to change the house look..since previous weekends werw not so good..the house was left untidy..poor house..so we thought this time we can use it to make up the house and make it look comfortable..but too bad the weather was sooooo nice for both sat n sunday..so again..the mess was still there.. (euwww..hate it but too lazy to move around) I gv excuses to myself that I didnt spend my time very well with hubby since I was too busy at work n I went home, exhausted..so why not spend the whole weekend with him? And I knew he was very happy lazying around with me instead of tidying the house..hahaha..

But today (yesterday actually since I am writing this at 12+ mid night..) I decided to change my hall and we both did it for only 1 hr..and I said to him 'we should do this earlier so we can change more and make the hall looks nice..' thank allah..he agreed..hehe..due to that, both my shirt n track suit covered with dust and when I was about to sit at the place where we used to lay down to watch tv..suddenly he said 'stop! U r going to make the place dusty since your track suit has dusts on it' and I was like 'whatever..I want to sit..im tired!!' And he asked me to sit somewhere else or sit properly so that I wouldnt transfer the dust to the carpet..

What the heck with him? Is he becoming me now? Hahahhaa..

Btw, here is our first invitation card addressed to us from one of our neighbours for their son's wedding..hehe..excited!!!

*cleaning up house is a gd exercise*

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A beautiful friendship

I am waiting for my husband outside of the house..thought I should write something while waiting..hehe
I just got back from meeting my friends at impiana klcc..we had so much fun together..bought some food and stay at our friend's room..it was a last-minute plan when one of us who stayed at bintulu told us that shes coming to kl to attend some meeting so she wanted to meet up since she could not come here often..so there was the meeting..

I just realized that a lot have been going for some of us..some plan to get married this yr-gd news! And some are expecting babies this coming may-june..haha..what a bless..it ended up quite late as we were trying to get the updates from all of us and I can see none of us wanted to miss the updates..haha..it was fun and hilarious!!

It's great to see great friends from high school move forward and are building up their own world..so am I..but it's the greatest to still keep the friendship alive..hopefully, we can have more meet ups in the future no matter how big our family are going to be..so that we can take some times to look at our innocent self 10 years back..n be thankful of how far we have grown..in shaa allah *what a joyful years*
Alhamdulillah that we are still the same person we were back then..we know how to appreciate each other.. :)

*Beautiful friendship creates amazing sparks*

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lesson learned..

Never in my mind would I imagine that I have to deal with this mess..It's really awful that I (we) had to face some weird, inconsiderate people..

We involved in accident few weeks back..it was between our car and a motorcycle (ride by two high school students, of whom still on L licence)..to cut it short..both parties were actually at fault..but due to our too much consideration as we at first thought that we were the only one who were at fault, they were trying to take advantage on us..later when we realized that they were at fault too..so we demanded them to take responsibilities too..It's not so much..only costed about RM300-400..but to my shock, the parents believed their son was not guilty..and even after the agreement was made, the mother was still hysterical and she suddenly scolded my husband (which looked ugly to me..for a mother to do that..note that shes a teacher too..*sigh*) and it was only because of RM100..i repeat..RM100!! RM100 is only like RM10 these days..and she made a fuss because of that..I really could not digest that..oh, btw..the agreement was that they only pay RM100 of the total damage..it's not a lot, no??

I am really thankful that it's over now..and I never have to see that ugly mom anymore..

I have learnt a lot from this experience..to know that there were many kinds of human being and they can be really ugly..but other than all the ugly experiences, I am really thankful that our relationship has tighten after this incident..we finally understood our different languages..and the incident made us better at working as a team..it also increased our trust towards each other..and changed both of us to be a better person..

For that, I thank you Allah..I knew everything that He set for us is the best for us..and I really have my faith on that..

*There is always a bright light at the end of a dark road*