Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I believe bridezilla comes from combination of bride+godzilla words..hahahhaa..it shows that a bride is becoming a godzilla due to stress from wedding preparation...

Basically, I thought I am becoming bridezilla as some of the plannings do not go the way that I wanted them to be..(well,specially my wedding cards..sob sob sob..)..Actually, I at first didnt realized that the whole wedding card thing really affected me that much..but now I do..Currently, I am pretty stress and depressed due to this..I easily cried when someone broke my heart..and I could not help myself from being a little bit down when I think of the wedding card..yeahh..I wondered..of all items on my wedding preparations..why would the mess involved with the wedding card because thats one which I hoped to turn out well..not so perfect but definitely not worst..I have always dreamed of having just-nice-looking card..not even the extravagant ones..because the cards represent me,myself..of how I am so keen to invite people to my wedding..now that the insert is dirty..it's kind of unwelcome to me..so thats why i feel so sad bout this.. T_T
and because of that too..my interest towards the wedding preparations dropped so much so I didnt care of any other things anymore..

but last night..after talking to my fiancee..I just know that I need to get back on track as the dateline is more closer..and a lot of things were not ready..yet..and I decided if I still cant accept the fact that my card is not that nice..I might change the inserts later..only the inserts..just print new ones...let's see later how it goes..i mean how my mood goes..huhuhuhu

ok..talking bout bridezilla..since i thought of myself becoming one..i do some searches on it..and i found a nice article on it..hehehehe..the article may not  be much related to malay wedding..but I think i can use that as a reference..some may refer to my current state..but thats only 20% of it..so I know I should change now and be happy.. hahahuhu (combination of happy and sad)..

Link to the website ---- 10 signs youre turning into bridezilla

----> the bridezillas
Dear Allah, please make ease of every preparation I make specially during the day of event..Ameen..

*Every steps must have their own obstacles*

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