Wednesday, 2 May 2012

hee hoo~~

just sorted out my recipe recipe collectionsss..from everywhere..but some of them were not yet collected as they are everywhere in my my the computer..

yes..i have a lot of them cause i used to collect them whenever i came across easy-and-maybe-delicious recipes..i might write it on dirty papers (go green!!) and i might print them or just saved them in the computer..

i have this one dream of having a big kitchen for myself and large volume of recipe books..hahahaha!! tamakkkk!!

have tried to cook aglio olio spaghetti..guess it turned out well cause my sister loves it so much i have to cook it few times in two days as i cooked it in small portion..

it happened this way..

on one fine afternoon..i just felt like eating aglio olio as i just bought enough ingredients the day before..tried once during the weekend but some of the ingredients were not there and tried to replace them with others..but it didnt turn out so i was so excited to cook it that evening after work..

i happily returned home and told everybody that i want to cook aglio olio..they were like 'what is that?' specially my sister 'it's not delicious, isnt it?it's weird' i was like 'whatever..i just wanted to try it so badly cuz i managed to get all the ingredients and i want to taste my own cook of aglio olio..heheh!' then after finished cooking, i brought it at the tv room to show off to my sis (btw, shes a good not comparable to shes quite choosy in tasting food..)..looking at my dish, she said 'can i taste it?' then i said 'thought u dont want to..dont u say it's weird?'..she replied 'looks tasty..just gimme that!' hahaha..

then..her response..

'wahhhh!!! this tastes soooo gooddd!!' then she started to eat it and when i asked her when is my turn..she just replied 'u can cook it on your own so u dont need your turn..' -_____-''' yes..she is the cruelllaaaa~

later she told..i tried aglio olio once and i thought it tasted's so different from yours..

wow!! didnt expect that..but, i took that as a compliment..hehehhee

well..i get to taste aglio olio at Marco pizza using groupon..and thats where i get to know how aglio olio may taste like..but i like my version better as Marco's was quite's not really my version cause i took it from the internet..maybe thats not the true taste of aglio olio..but i wish i could taste more pasta when i have the opportunity to go to its origin country;ITALY!! hehehehe..and later i can cook them better.. @_@

sorry I didnt manage to snap the pic of aglio olio cooked by me..cause though i cooked it for like few times in 2 finished fast and i forgot to snap a picture of it..

and im quite busy as i am currently close to the end of my second have plenty of revisions to do..some projects to complete and i am in charge of projects at my office (specifically in my own section) excitement for cooking would usually at lowest when i was so tense and busy..maybe i can have some times to cook when my semester ends in June..hehehe..cant wait!! have a lot of recipes to try on!!

i have a dream..
a big kitchen to swim..

(ignore not good with words.. -_-")

*A tip to gain love: cook for your loved ones..they will be indulged with your feelings towards them..)

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