Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Wow! It’s really been a while I didn’t write anything. I really wanted to write, I even got the list of topics to be shared but did not proceed with any. It may sound like an excuse but I believe this one attitude which I like to things that I dislike first before doing things that I like..So guess I like to write too..(maybe? Hahaha)

Since I have a little free time to write now..I decided to write again..free time here means I don’t have so much things to settle on my mind so I can focus on writing..hehe..I need to manage my time wisely la..huhu

OK..lets get to my topic..anyone who listen to Hitz fm must be aware of advertisement on nandos peri peri something..their ad is on their delicious meal (they claimed so..my sis agreed to that but I think the portion is too small la..) and in the ad they stress on people using same words repeated two times..and at the end said ‘because it’s so delicious, you have to say it twice’..
I have been listening to that quite many times since my car main radio station is hitz fm but everytime I always wonder why they use word ‘have’ instead of ‘want’..using ‘have’ at that particular statement sounds like you are force to do it rather than you are willing to do it..as in if want is used..it feels like because the food are really delicious, without any force, we are just willing to say it twice to show that it’s really delicious..no?

Doesn’t ‘because it’s delicious, you want to say it twice’ look more agreeable?

*This post is supposed to be published on 10 Jan but I forgot to publish..T_T

'Words have lots of meaning..'