Sunday, 29 April 2012


sedih..thats the only word that can describe my feeling..hurm..couldnt expect that this will be my quick post after leaving this blog for quite sometimes..yes..been very busy these days..with my studies, my work, my wedding preparation, house chores..

yet i still wish to share my current feeling..why do i feel so sad?..

looking at the tense we have these days in Malaysia..comments and criticisms..somehow i feel like everybody is trying to speak up by showing off their intelligence...a status shared that is supposed to be discussed politely was ruined by telling others that their stupid enough for having different thoughts..

I dont think it is proper when someone is trying to share his/her opinion but later was opposed by the others and simply tell him/her they are stupid for not being well versed of what happened nowadays..why do people have become this way? you are not perfect..others are not too..and different people have different thoughts..why do people has to make the already-tensed situation to more tense situation..

I I too rigid so I dont really like changes? but later I thought I am not rigid and I am not one who simply satisfied with everything I had..I found myself to be one who really dislike fight among people regardless of who they are..which races they intelligent they are..the fights..they are really bad..and they make me feel sad..i just want a country that is peace and harmony..i can move anywhere i can..i can freely perform the obligations required by Islam..I doubt that currently I couldnt perform prayers whats the buzz?

Somehow, people nowadays wish to change everybody they met..wish to have all people to follow their beliefs..then what does make them different from  the one they oppose?and yet they want to claim they fight for they really fully understand what Islam really wants?

I am not a perfect muslim..but I want to be one..All I need now is a peaceful life so that I can always look at the sky and be thankful for everything that Allah has granted me with..

Maybe we can start by defining of what do we really want in our life? cause life is short and it is not permanent..

*Fights are not the way to fulfill your needs*