Tuesday, 21 December 2010

my W.O.R.K..

hurm..i think ive fallen for my work..

just now, when i was ironing my bj kurung for tmrw..my head cant stop thinking bout how to improve the process that i was involved in..n it goes on and on..n i cant wait for tmrw to do the calculations (owh..i love math!)..i think i hv my own theory but i need something to support it..hurm..n i planned to cont doing it during my 1-week vacation (if i cudnt figure out the solution be4 the end of the week) which starts next week..but then to think bout it once again..ive already made a promise to myself to stop thinking bout work for the whole week n enjoy the week cuz thats actually my year end vacation (yes..i didnt take much leaves to save for the end of the year..hehe)..so hopefully i can solve it by this friday or at least to get a back up plan..or alternatives...cuz i think i shud focus on my grandpa who is not well for the whole next week..right??

Dear my beloved brain,

Lets work faster tomorrow until Friday.. XD


*Passion can give you satisfaction*

Saturday, 18 December 2010


hurm...nothing much to say..

was i was the one at fault?

my only wish is to be happy with little worry..

is it too much?

i dunno...

*the more u were glued to something, the harder to breath*

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Updates~~ XD

hurm..ari tu ade ckp psl entry worries ni..hurm..tu snanye risau psl aku finally voiced out my dissatisfaction towards my housemates..ni krn aku rs ade unfairness happened..been quite for months..tot that everybody will realise this n change..but then..same thing happened..so i dont think i can keep silent anymore...cuz i think it's too much..aku rs aku pnah cte psl sorg hosmate yg sebok nk msk master bedroom ni..mcm k berebut plak ngn aku..n aku rs aku dh cte gk die msk gk master bedroom tu..dok sorg2..(erkkk?mampu plak? heh)..then nk jd cte skang ni tggl 3 org je la dlm umah ni..then the other hosmate tu suggest byr sewe..kt bhg 3 tros..i was shocked n quite angry..so aku pn luahkn perasaan thru email..sbb aku bile mrh..aku xle nk ckp dpn2..tkt burst out..then dpt reply dr hosmate positive..cume reply negative dr hosmate yg dok master bedroom tu..die cm xpuas ati np aku xpuas ati..heh..dh nk dok blek besa..tp nk byr sket..ape kes kn?? aku nk dok dlu n nk byr lebih..die sebok nk dok..dh dok..xnk byr lebih plak..plek punye org daaa...so worries ari tu sbb mlm tu we actually ade meeting utk dscuss psl isu tu..hurm..tau x ape jd?dak tu xle nk join..excuse die bg abg die nk kawen mggu tu..so kne g umah kakak die nk wat prep..then die ckp die xtau nk blk umah bile sbb next week nyer kakak die plak kawen..then lg next week die plak tunang..aku agak terkejut..hati berkate 'perghh..kaye sey budak ni..sebln je ade 3 kenduri..aku seniri nk kawen pn mak aku suro selang setaun due drpd akak aku..kaye k..kaye..' hurm..for me..nk larik la tu..drpd komplen byk2 dlm email psl xpuas ati tu..bole plak setuju byr lebih..tkt kne question kot..tp lantak situ la..aku xkesah..yg pntg..aku xrs ditindas lg..hurm..alhamdulillah..lege lps dpt luahkn perasaan.. :)

dh lame xcte cni..sbb xonline sgt..byk gile nk cte dh tertggl..hurm..pastu nk cte psl chi plak..

br je baek gado ngn chi..kes nye..psl adek angkat pmpn die..ye..adek angkat yg gedik..dh tunang,xsedar2 die tunang org..hampeh..

hurm..ari tu dating ngn chi..tbe2 die dpt phone call dr someone..but i saw the name appeared on the phone..i know it's her..damn! then die jwb call tu..tbe2 aku dgr bende yg xberape sdp nk dgr..hurm...DIE ADDRESS DIRI DIE NGN MINAH TU PKAI WORD 'ABG'!!..arghh!! tensen aku! aku bengang gile..sbb word tu special kat aku..tbe2 die bole pkai word tu ngn pmpn laen??mmg panas la!..then gado sket..pastu ari tu aku dh cool down dh..mls nk emo2..tbe2 time mkn ngn die..die brought up isu tu sbb die xpuas ati aku bengang..then die bole plak backing pmpn tu..ckp pmpn tu xmatang la ape la..haishhhh!! mmg sj cr psl..aku ape lg..ngamuk r! kesahnye die kate pmpn tu call sbb excited jmpe die kat shopping complex yg sm..yg aku bengang lg..klo dh excited jmpe..asal xkejar je chi tu..n tego..klo dh sebok n excited sgt kn?? np nk kne call2?tau dh aku ade kat situ ngn chi..xle nk respect aku ke?mesti plek np aku nk bengang2 sgt kn..sbb tu adek angkat je kn?hurm..kesahnye die jd adek angkat tu..sbb diorg actually suke same suke..then pmpn ni pn time tu close ngn sorg mamat ni..pastu die pleh mamat tu..then die decide chi tu jd abg angkat..ape bangang punye style..mcm ajak jd abg angkat tu just to keep him company..tamak siotttt~ yg xtahan tu..die bole plak contact chi senyap2 sbb bf die xsuke die contact2 ngn chi..perghh..ni mmg tahap xrespect bf ni..nk sapu sume ni..nyampah k! pastu chi dh ade gf pn..sebok2 lg..xpuas ati la tu chi dh cr org laen..ni yg aku ckp tamak ni..hurm..dh gado2 ngn chi..mlm td br die call n mntk maaf lg..n die ckp dh xnk contact2 minah tu..hopefully die pegang la kate2 die tu..hasil dr kejadian ni..i told him i wont call him abg anymore..cuz the exclusiveness of the word was killed by his action..die ckp die sdh sbb xle pkai word tu lg..tp i sticked with my own decision..cuz i dont want to get hurt imagining him used the word with the other girl..huhu..sedih woooo~
tp dh dpt dh word br nk pkai utk address die..hihihi~ *happy*

*different person has different way of thinking*

Monday, 13 December 2010

hurm..shocking news?

byknye mende nk tulis sp xtertulis..aduhhh..

received a shocking news n am too speechless to write a sentence bout it..huhuh...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

If only I cud hate you..I would..

Hurm..yeap..because of other ppl..I dont hate you..cuz my heart refuses to..knowing that if I hate you..other ppl will get hurt too..but sometimes you are just too much..feel like slamming your face to the door..and punch you on the stomach everytime you come near me..thats how much I hate you..I dont want to see you as someone who close to me..but you are n I have no where to run..but deep in my heart..I ve really wanted to hate you so much..and throw you out of my life..

*sometimes wishes are just not meant to be granted*

Thursday, 2 December 2010


the decision will be made today..im worried cuz i know im alone..since i was alone when the incident happened few months back...im bad at expressing my feeling through talking..thats y i prefer writing but unfortunately they just dont understand the simple math..omg..y do i hv to deal with these ppl..?this has stressed me out for few days already..i know i hv to finish it tonight..i'll tell bout this in next entry..

cant write much..too many things in my mind..

*someone calls it a finishing blow*