Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dating with husband..

Hahaha..the title looks similar to ones in shin chan anime..hahaha..funny!!
Today was sooo great..we finally had the chance to have a date..just the two of us..lalala..had so much fun..watched jack reacher..awesome movie!!
Talking bout wacthing movie..theres one funny story behind it..we actually bought the ticket through the net but we didnt have any printer at home so we decided to redeem the tix at the counter later we didnt cross my mind that I should hv checked the ticket to make sure it was a correct one..but when we went to the hall..we thought it was wrong as we knew the seating of the hall should be..still, we didnt check the tix yet..until we sat at the seats shown on it..later, I thought something was wrong so I asked husband to take a look at it.. then I realized IT WAS the wrong one..we bought tix for jack reacher but the tix was for cz12 movie..hahaha..then husband told me that we should just go to the right hall instead of going to the counter to get another, we actually hv tixs for two great it was? No, it was not because cz12 started at exactly the same time as jack reacher..hehehe..but anyway, we still wont watch cz12 if the showtime was's not right though since we didnt buy the tix in the first place..ok~
Later we went to parkson to search for pan that my mom requested..while searching for it, we found nice lunch box from lock n lock..I bet it's a new one as stated on the husband loved it so much that he decided to buy can I not trying to insist him to buy for me too? Thats just so I did..n it was a success!!! We bought one blue and the other one red..thanks to the wife who loves to cook lunch for the husband so those lunch boxes may come in handy..of which I was sooo glad to hv them..knowing that im so much into lunch box thingy..yeah..had three of them now..hehehe..please hv a look at these two babies..wooohooooo!! And another additional bought item is an apron!!!'s for the wife..who loves to cook for her husband..hihihi..

*a happy husband, a happy wife*

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