Thursday, 19 July 2012


I was transferring my pictures from phone into my netbook and I just found some old pics that I once wished to share here but obviously I did not..hehehe...I guess I should stop babbling for a while and let the pics do the talking..Weee~

This is from the garden's restaurant..the foods aree yummehhh!

from the garden's too..managed to snap the pic before it's gone..hahaha..

this is stuffed portabello mushroom..the second trial with bigger mushroom..haha

looks like a burger huh? had this once and thats more of it..too heavy for a dish, too much..i'd prefer smaller portabello..hehe

cheesy baked prawn..managed to get similar taste as in manhattan fish market dish yO~

cheesy buttered prawn..this heavy too..have it one and for all..once a year would be enough i guess..haha

this is an ice cream that my sister was so proud of as she loved the double scoop being side by side..LOL

view from top..hehe

That's all for now..actually i wish to share the pics from a dim sum buffet i went to last 2 weeks but then i decided to make it in one entry so i can do some review on that..

*Food is a can be a hell too.. ;P*

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