Monday, 3 December 2012

My current addiction~

is MY HUSBAND! addicted to my husband..anyway, i am actually trying to complete 3 chapters of my dissertation since last thursday (im still writing it now..huhuhu T_T).. but somehow i found it hard whenever my husband is at home..even though he was sleeping, i couldnt stop myself from taking a peek at him..for few seconds is enough..but then i did the same thing again after few minutes..and the cycle went on and in the world i can start writing my dissertation?? erkkk!! im in trouble!!

sometimes, i just wished ive already finished my studies so that i have every seconds to spend with him..but unfortunately it was just a dream..actually, i was having quite a heavy workload (it seemed simple..but it's not for i took longer time to complete it..) in the past few i spend most of my time trying to finish my work-day and night..and i didnt have so much time to spend with him..but as the jobs were completed, i have another dateline-my's quite frustrating that u had done ur work but u could not yet reward yourself with something you like as you were having another dateline to chase at the same time..huhuhuhu..

so my current goal is to complete the three chaps ASAP so i have more time to spend with him..yeah!!

I love you, husband! (i actually took a picture of him cute!! lovely!! hahaha)

*May our love grow stronger like a beautiful tree*

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