Thursday, 27 December 2012

A wife is overwhelmingly happy when....

her husband claimed that his body is out of shape and he can no longer wear his jeans..success!!

haha..looking at the other point..duhhh..need to buy new pair of jeans which means more expenses..LOL~

but then soo sooo soooo happy that he gained some weights now..Alhamdulillah..

I previously didnt really believe in term 'air tangan'.. old people claimed that 'air tangan' - refers to our own cooking - is important in building up a family specially when you have children because it can creates the bonds among the family or specifically between the mother and the children..the same thing applies to the, it is recommended to serve home made cooking to the husband instead of buying them outside..

while I was so busy with my study in the early november, I have asked permission from my husband to take outside food and he agreed..but that only lasted for a week as I myself could not stand eating outside everyday..maybe because i was not really used to parents taught us to eat home made cooking..and we were not really introduced to outside food until i was 17..thats when i went out with my friends..only then i knew there were varieties of food we can have outside and thats also when i started to know the term 'goreng2' or 'masakan goreng2'..hahaha..

Alhamdulillah i managed to partially completed my assignments and dissertation within a week I started to cook right first, I was not really notice the change in my husband..but later i realized hes becoming more attach to me..I still cook until now..for his lunch as well as for his dinner..yeah..sometimes it make me feel exhausted but when i think about how he enjoyed the food..i just couldnt stop making meals for him..owh how i wish i can be a housewife so i can cook more delicious food for him.. T_T

getting back to the topic..yeah..i was quite amazed of how he changed..note that he was previously really comfortable being on his own..(maybe because he as single for loooooooooong time and hes no used to have a partner before..until he met being independent sometimes made him full of himself..) but now..hes different..he always wanted to be by my side..and sometimes he even helped me in the kitchen..and  the most obvious one is that he started to have me doing things with him..say if he wanted to watch tv..he always requested that I watch with him cut it short..he has changed to becoming a clingy person..hahahhaa.. no no.. i was not more of proud of my efforts..alhamdulillah..thanks to allah..

now i start to understand the power of 'air tangan'..and Im loving it soooo much!! no wonder my dad was so clingy too..of course to my mother..hahahaha..

so, my advise for wifesss out there..try as much possible to cook for your husband and for your family..if you want them to stay..and definitely try to cook with love..hehehhe =D

*cooking with love in the heart makes the food tastes better*

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