Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review - Kajang Wedding Card

It's been a while I did not write..I just finished 2 papers of my final examinations and have another one to go..phew~~ pray that this semester would finish fast as I need some time for myself.. T_T

Specifically, this post is for a review of my wedding card produced by Kajang Wedding Card Sdn Bhd..it's located at jalan besar kajang in front of the bus station..Well, my fiancee and I decided to have their service as they offered an affordable price of card when we went to the festival pengantin early this year..Yes, typical festival pengantin..there were so many offers and we took this one since it was closer to my home and I pretty liked the design..actually, it's a quite common design as I received a lot my friends' wedding card with the same design..During that time, I was offered with 3-folded card's envelope with embossed at one side of it, printed envelope and 2 free buntings..Actually, buntings were not really my concern as I didnt plan to have it at all but as it was offered, I thought it's an added value..

Later we went to their shop and discussed about the card and finalized everything.. I was so happy and relief that one step is done..few days later, I received a call from them telling that the card that I ordered costs higher than the offer (as in its a different offer)..and there were some arguments and I was left with two options; stick with the design but higher cost OR change the design..I was in the car with my mother at that time..and she quite pissed off about that as she felt that once you offered something, it's not nice to simply tell your customer to change it due to your own drawback..it just somehow showed that u r trying to cheat your customers..but I decided to tolerate with that and proceed with different design..then again, my fiancee and I went to their shop to get the new design and finalize everything..

Few weeks later, I received a call from them again..I was so excited that maybe the cards were ready..but to my surprise..that was not a call that I expected as they told me that the embossed was impossible due to the printing line that was not in line with the emboss stamp..here were the conversations;

KWC: cik, kitorg xbole nk emboss sbb line tu lari..xsame dgn printing..mcm mn ek?
me: alamak..kenape? sy nk jugak emboss tu..
KWC: tp dh print sume dh..mcm mn ek?
me: ........xpela..nnt sy discuss ngn tunang sy (this is when i started to piss off)

Before I proceed, let me stress here, the purpose I chose the design is for the emboss they offered..I tried to be more tolerate during last arguments but now, I AM pissed off..because I could not accept the fact that they asked their customer what they should do with the problems even though I already mentioned I want the emboss..and their reply showed that they could not do anything since the cards were already printed..and one question popped up on my mind 'AM I THE ONE WHO SHOULD FIX IT??'

Later we went there again to discuss with them..at that time, i was still pissed off and i hated to meet people whom I am mad with because I am a bad-tempered person but I hate to scold people or be angry at them at any time..when we were there, they were actually trying to offer us a deduction of rm50 for the compensation as they cant proceed with the job..and again..that..just made me more angry..rm50 out of rm900+ and the card did not turn out as they offered..and thats the limit I could go..I am so pissed off I cant even look at their face..n during the explanation and what not..they asked us about the buntings..and my fiancee told them the buntings were not really our concern..we dont really want them..n yet they offered us printed envelope to replace the buntings as previously the offer did not include printed envelope..DAMN! that just made me more n more n more pissed off! how in the world you offered some thing and later u claimed it was not offered..if it's your staff's misunderstanding, should I be the one who should bear with it? I was surprised and I cant even open my mouth as I cant hold my temper anymore..my body shook as I tried my best to avoid scolding people or being really mad..later i asked my fiancee to discuss outside..and we agreed to get a refund as I dont want the mess to further bother me..and I asked him to do it on his own because I couldnt face them anymore..because I am a bad-tempered person,  I always try as much possible to avoid getting mad at people but it's not easy to hold on and I also have my limit..so, the only way I found to avoid scolding people..I tried as much possible to avoid them until I cooled down and it also took me quite some time to cool down..I have once scolded people in front of other people and that left me with regret so I never ever wanted to repeat that again..

Next, my fiancee came to me and told me the cards can be embossed so we may proceed without a refund..and I was like 'now..they can do the emboss why cant they previously?' and he explained..they can because they will get a new stamp for the emboss..then I was like 'they actually can do it..but they dont want to do it just because the stamp doesnt fit anymore..and should we be the one who need to bear with the cost?' thats ridiculous..So, I tried to calm myself down and we went home..

Few weeks later, we got a message that the cards are ready..Im not quite excited to get the cards as I have a bad feeling about it..but Ive tried the best possible to think positive..So we went to their shop again and I let my fiancee settled everything and he brought the card to me..and I looked at it..but I dont feel happy..I wondered why..but later this question popped up from my fiancee 'np kad ni mcm xcantik ek?' then I tried to look at it again..and there I just discovered why I was not excited looking at it..because it's not neat..the printing, I can say it may be a low quality as the font color..it looked like it almost faded away..just like an old card..I was quite upset about this but I kept it to myself as I have exams going..I dont want to be emotional..then when I was home..I asked my family to take a look..and there..as I expected..they also didnt seem excited..and my sister started to babble, telling me that I shouldnt have went to festival pengantin to get all those things because when they reduced the price..you cant expect good quality from them..I was so sad..I couldnt hold it anymore..and i went into my room to have a little chat with my fiancee just to calm down..

After a few days, I decided to write an email to give my feedback on their service..I didnt expect my money back..I didnt even expect they should print them out again..but to let them know how I feel about their work so that they can improve in the future and I also didnt have any intention to stop other people from getting their card from KWC..but later I received a negative reply from them..OMG~ that is just soooo ridiculous..I didnt even ask for my money back..and I can tell how arrogant they were towards me and how they feel their cards were good enough..that just changed my perspective towards them..you suck big time man~ I saw other people did the same design as yours and they did 100 times better than you..I knew what I want and I knew how it should turn out because I have seen the same card with better look, with more solid printing..it's my bad I just threw the cards without getting the contact number first..and I truly learnt from that..and I would not recommend them to other people..thats for sure..

I, however took this as a test for me to be more patience and acceptance to what had happened..

*Some Malaysians just forgot that customers are always right*

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