Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bangsar Shopping Center...

A new place to hang out for my siblings and I..hahahha~  (kami jakun..) weve never been to bangsar shopping center before and I have a perception that it was meant for rich people..since I believe rich people stay in Bangsar..hehehehe (I had to laugh to myself as how skeptical I was..) So, last Sunday we went there to find chocolates for my hantaran (gifts for the groom)..we went to the wrong place at first - Bangsar Village..thought it was the same and we just got to know about it when we asked the lady at Royal Doulton's shop...the lady was so nice to attend to us..but it was an experience as we found a nice place for our mom to hang out..and my older sister too..LOL..

We stayed there for a while and had some coffee first..just to kill the's RM3.30/hour..we should kill some time first,no? or the fee we paid for one hour will be wasted..hehehe..

Bangsar Village was so close to Bangsar Shopping Center..maybe 5-10 mins away..but we loved the city so was quite nice..the buildings..the trees-the scenery specifically...hehe..while we were at BSC, we went to the shop and bought the chocolates weve been searched for - patchi..I must give some credits to the promoter there..he was REALLY nice..he attended to us very patiently..answered to every questions we had..and he always give his friendly smile..we had so much fun there..we'd definitely go there to buy chocolates for other occasions in the future (say my bro's wedding..or as gifts to friends..) and you guys should too..the chocolates were nice so as the promoter..a good combination,right? perfect!

once the mission has accomplished..we had our lunch at the Burp..hehe..have u burp today? and it has promo for nasi kandar..since we were all very hungry, we chose nasi kandar for each of us..burp..alhamdulillah..hehehe..then we went to the VERY nice prayer room..i can say the nicest prayer room ive been so far..considering the cleanliness and it was so comfortable to perform our prayer i had some pictures of the prayer room..hehehe..later we went to the kitchen shop close to the prayer room and i just fall in love with the shop on the spot!it has attractive kitchen see..i used word 'attractive' to show how I was so much attracted to the shop..which means i'd definitely definitely go there if i'd the chance to spend my time at BSC again..well..i guess this is for we already decided that this will be our place for shopping in the future..other than one utama..hehe..but the downside was the parking rate there was damn expensive (compared to 1Utama)..erkkkk~~ it's RM2/hour.. T_T nangis banyakkkkk...apart from that, everything was good..the shops..the leisure we had - for the nice design.. :) was so great to spend time with my siblings (and a cousin..easier to consider her as a sibling too as we were quite close..hehehe..)

enjoy the pics!

lovely rack for Qurans

I asked my sister to snap some pictures of this prayer room while I performed my prayer and this is one of the pics..yeap..this is soooo her..she loves to take picsss of herself so much!! hahaha..I have another one but I dont plan to upload it pic is enough for her..haha..anyway, shes the one standing and the other one is suhaila-my cousin..

rack for telekungs..nice,huh?

the place to take ablution..

the prayer hall..

there was nice place next to the prayer rooms..can I call it a waiting place?hehe

my older sister was now added in the shot..

from different angle..hehe

this is the prayer room for man..loved it!

place for roller-blading and skate-boarding (do such terms exist anyway?)'s expensive..RM28 for weekends..and RM22 for weekdays..

My siblings.. :)

*Perut kenyang..suka hati XD*

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