Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Marriage - the best thing in my life..so far.. :D

12 October 2012...

the day I became Mrs Syazana.. :)

Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah for granted me the most wonderful person..one who could replace my late grandpa..

I have been hating him so much as I thought he has all the things that I have never wanted for my man..

but that day..it was different...it was as if I have met a new person..a new lover..he was soooooo sweet..so gentleman..every thing that I needed from my man..Alhamdulillah..he changed 360 degree..thought I was d only one who noticed the different but my sister did too..previously, I was so scared to get married..afraid that I'll be hurt.. T_T

Now that I am married..I am no longer scared..but happy instead.. :)

*The sweetness of a relationship comes along when it is permitted by the religion*

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