Sunday, 16 October 2011

A quick stop...

huwarghhh!! it's been a whileee~~ i wish i could write more..have a list of them..but currently too busy with work and study..

Oh Dear Blog aka Cumi (i just named you cumi..hehe),

I am really sorry I havent visited you and talked to you for quite a long time..I have been busy at the moment..I havent really got the time to even online my YM..LOL~ sounds too busy huh? I suppose yes..So, I will visit you again someday so that I can share my stories here..No worries, got plenty of them..

Why do I named you Cumi? Do you know Cumi is a squid in Indonesian Language..?I love squid so much specially the tempura one..haha..I can eat a bucket of em..LOL that tells how fat I am..urghhh!

Now that proves I love you bloggie..hehe..since I named you with a thing that I love soooo much!!

Will update again later..k?


*Love made you feel guilty when you are not in contact with your loved ones*

Friday, 12 August 2011

BBQ with family + Abah's Triathlon

The 3rd week of July...

Went to Port Dickson cuz abah participated in the thriathlon..Yeap it's kinda his partial obsession..he likes sports very much..specially cycling and swimming..he usually cycles during the weekends and sometimes he cycles to his office too..hehe..

So..we took the opportunity to have bbq together there..Note that it was my idea..hahaha..Initially I wanted to try new recipe I got from the internet..thats why I suggested we have bbq together..but then I was too busy with work I couldnt find the time to go home and marinade the beef and my sis marinaded em the usual way..huhuhu.. T_T maybe I can try it next time..yes there will definitely be next time..they fetched me at my home..ehehe..

time for picsss~~

the prep..

my family eldest sister is not in d pic :(

tried to squeeze myself into the pic..ehehehe..

the arangss

the orang who handled arangs

yeahhh..the foooddddsss..nyummayhhh!!

after taking this pic, my dad said 'amekla gmba yg spontan..asek gmba pndg cam je..' hahahha~

my youngest sister..the light of the family..

ye..gmba abah yg SPONTAN..

yeap..this is me..hahahhaa..

my dad's triathlon..swimming..

next comes the dad is in blue..too fast..cudnt manage to set d cam at a close distance..

my dad reaching the finishing line..

running..his finishing time is around 3 hrs and 24 minutes..

my happy dad..hahaha

so happy he didnt even look at the cam although I was like 'abah!! abah!! pndg sini! abahhhh!!' then i gv up..hahaha

So happy to be able to spend great activities with my's extremely awesome!!

*Happy moments should be created more and more and more..*

Jacob's Walk of Life

Huwarghhh~~ blog's express updatesss!! hahaha..

Jacob's Walk of's a yearly event organized by Jacob's..the biscuit company..Do you like to eat Jacob's biscuits? for plain biscuit, i like hup seng better..but Jacob's oatmeal is the best..I still remember during my year at the MCIIUM, my roommate and I had a box of Jacob's oatmeal per week..A she bought one and me too..we usually had a stock for two weeks..then we bought it again for another two weeks of stocks..hahaha..when I told my mother this..she responsed 'Patutlah awak gemuk..' hahahaha..cruel,no?

Well, the common things Jacob's will have during this event are;

1.Yellow tshirt
2.Free biscuits
3.Free vouchers from Mizuno and I-cant-remember-the-name fitness centre
4.DJs like Fafau and FBI?
5.Jacobs bag and it's definitely yellow..

My family and I joined this event two yearly's like a yearly event for us too..for healthy lifestyle and for family bonding..ehehehe..too bad my eldest sister and her husband didnt join it this year..she has her CLP exam around that dad too..he has other activities i was planned early than this event..

still..we had so much fun..and the tiredness level increased for this year due to the harder route than last year..hahaha..

The piccasss~

Pretending to be serious..LOL

Number fourth, The youngest, Mom, One and only brother at Number Third..hehehe

With me..Im Number Second in the sibling..ehehe

With Fafau..after having so much difficulties to get a pic with her..hahahha..and it's funny..

*Healthy lifestyle, Happy well being*

Merck Sherlock at The Pyramid..

Erkkk~~ it's been a while I didnt update anything..huhuhu~ yeap..been bz and the weekends were always full..hurmmm..

Firstly, Salam Ramadhan to all and myself..ehehehe~ hopefully, this month will bring us more bless..InsyaAllah..

Ok..I kept a list of things I want to update in my hp..afraid that I might forgot during the update progress..So far, I just had three of em..hahaha..very few, no? It's almost a month with no update and I have only three on the list??hahahaha..yeah..kinda it too obvious Im not really into writing?yeah..maybe?ehehehe

the first topic came up on the list was one of the staff at my office whom I dislike due to his hyprocrisy but I dont think I want to brag about him here..Hes tooooo boring n not funneyyhhh~

Now I only have two on the list..hahahha..

Lets start with sherlock at the pyramid..

If I can still recall, it was in the mid of was organized by Merck Sdn Bhd..One of my suppliers..Initially, I just forwarded the email sent by the supplier to all the members in my department in case they are interested to join since I didnt plan on joining cuz I have jacob's walk of life with my family in the same week..but then when my boss read it..she asked me to take this as one the team building program for the members and she asked me to get them to participate in it..unfortunately only 10 places available for my company..and the members were about 15..

cut the story short..only 5 of us from my department and the other department joined's like a treasure hunt event..thought it will tiring and boring..but turned out it was soooo fun..having to walk at sunway pyramid..searching for answers and there were bout 24 Qs..if im not mistaken..and to do the charade during the was so much funnnnn..yet tiring..ehehehe..

here are the pics..hee~

Laila n K.Ijah while waiting for our leader to get the clue and questions..hehe

One of the tasks we need to do to get the answer..->get a picture of egyptians shopping..drawing money and etc etc..

Mr Sherlock was checking the progress.. ;D

While checking the progress..hehehe

At the end of the event..with Mr Sherlock..we lose actually..huhu..ranked at no 7 out of 35 groups? cudnt remember number of groups..

My group!! second from left is the group leader; Azrulein..

Had so much fun!! I didnt regret I joined it even if I knew tomorrow will be Jacob's walk of life and needed to wake up early in the morn..and I hate wake up early during the's a no no ok..hahaha..anak dare pemalas x?

*Fun activities may boost up the energy at an amazing level..and reduce it tremendously once it's over..*

Thursday, 21 July 2011

feels like writing..but..

hurm..these few weeks are full with works n many things to update but so little time and i need to rest too..wuwuwuwu.. T_T

having busy weeks made me feel excited..know why?i have no time to feel time to think bout stupid things..and my time is full which then results to high satisfaction..though some things didnt really go well..but im happy..ehehheehe!

will try to have a chat with ya somewhere next week..ok bloggie?weee~~

*complete rest means death..*

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bowling tournament..

yeah~ bowling timeee~~

it's my co's yearly event..we had 5 ppl per team..i teamed up with my friends..k.azrina,k.emi,k.ijah n k. was fun!! hehe..our score were bad compared to previous tournament..but i think mine has improved quite a lot! lol~~ bangge lak..hahaha~

the best part was..k.tim n k.emi brought their children!!! i played with rania,zharif,n elin!! made me feel soooo good~ it's true..childs can make us feel at ease just by looking at!!

enjoy the pics~~

hehehe~ xle amek gamba seniri..amek gmba org..

k.ijah n k.azrina..

my friends..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.tim w rania (shes not n k.emi w elin..

again..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.emi w cutie elin n k.tim w sleepy rania (now shes ready..hehehe..)

all of em n ME!! fat~ wuwuwu..

the shy first, shes avoiding me even when i wanted to snap her pic..shes shy..hehe

our marks for last game..forgot to take the first two..we played 3 games anyway..hehe..n the first two were sooo bad..mine is 3 lucky strikes!! i was soo excited!!

hahahaha~ having this, i think i want to play moreee bowling!! hahaha~

*berguling berguling mcm tenggiling = bowling..LOL*

Monday, 4 July 2011

Creamy carbonara fettucini with prawn..

I watched korean drama 'Pasta' and suddenly I cooked carbonara fettucini..hahahaha~ I guess I am easily influenced by the movies or drama I watched at that moment..lalala~

so, here it goes..

does it look nice or not?but i can guarantee it is very tasty..hehehe~

it's quite easy to took me about 30 min to get this done..btw, im very slow at cooking..but i have a dream of having my own i have to learn to cook faster,no? hurm..need to improve more!!

*people who love to eat usually know how to cook*

Saturday, 2 July 2011


whoaaaa~~ today is FULL of shopping spreeee~~ hahaha..i think this is a mother-daughters time..lalala~ so happy!! went to giant at nilai..then parkson kajang..but the best thing is parkson kajang has this promotion where they sell japan's kitchen items for RM5!!! i was so excited i didnt know which one to buy..felt like buying em all!! sggh tamak okeyy!

let the pictures do the talking..but usually i did the talking (thru the caption)

peeler..comel x?hehehe


dunno what to call's for bbq..

used to pick fried food in the pan..cute huh?hehehe..i loikee~

small wok..cost u rm5's very small n cute...

this used to tender the meat..dunno what to call this..

this entry is all about cute stuffs,right?i just love cute things..tmrw im gonna go there again cuz my sis asked me to buy a set of cute cutlery..n maybe i want to look up for other cute things..omg~ i cant resist em!! huhuhu~ they r so cuteee!!

*cute things are just irresistable*

Friday, 1 July 2011

spend time with the loved one..

hurm..we do not spend so much time's like once a month..haha..does that count as frequent?hehe..well, hes been busy with work while im not..but we both need to save some money for our future so outing expenses have been revised and cut i look like an accountant now?weee~

we both take a leave last monday but it's not specifically for dating's more to settle his clearance at the university since he'll be having a convo this year..alhamdulillah..due to heavy rain, we went out a little bit late which means the happy time spend might be reduced..we arrived at gombak quite late so we decided to have a lunch first and i suggested this one place that ive been craved for..but i didnt really know the direction there..thank god he knows some of the points which can lead to the place..pheww~~ i finally get to eat loving it!! hehee~

these are our food..

looks yummy,no?he

for me, the main attraction here is the grilled's so damn tasty..i used to eat here with my best buddies; gg,afiq and muawwiz..ive graduated last 2008 so i longed for this for almost 2 years..phew..but unfortunately i couldnt eat more like i used's hard for me to finish my food that day..guess it's a gd news but not that good for that day..hahaha..i planned to eat two fishes! lol..if you want to have a's near to gsk at keramat au..there was a roundabout..go to the exit where gsk will be on your left..just go straight along the road..and you'll find it on your's a food court..this place on that is close to the toilet..hurm..couldnt describe it in a better way..huhuhu..

after lunch, we headed to the university..and settled his clearance's like a game cuz we forgot the locations of some of the offices that we need to do the clearance..but it was fun for me..i like gamess very much..currently im watching korean game show called running man..doing the clearance feels like shooting the running dreaming and AM in my fantasy world again..hahaha~

sadly, we failed the's almost end of the clearance but he couldnt manage to check to the last place to confirm that everything is cleared..cuz it's already five at that time and the office has already closed.. T_T but i think he can settle it when he needs to go there again to get the robe..hehehe~

now that the clearance is done..what are waiting for??let's have some funnn!!! although the time is limited (we both have to work the next day so we couldnt go back late..wuwuwu) but i had so much fun time with him..we had a drink at secret recipe..we watched pirates of carribean..and we had dinner at ayam penyet ria!! yeah!! that was another place that i really wished to go since last week..i was so happy when he said..'na,kate nk mkn ayam penyet ria..nk x?' i was so shocked cuz he doesnt usually remember things that i want but he remembers that..happy happy happy!! it's easy to make a woman happy,right?hahahha~

now time for pics! he..

him: ice punch.. XD

him:ayam soup..

with rice of course..owh my diet~

i think ayam penyet ria is wayyyyy better than ayam penyet api..the presentation is good..the taste is nice..and the service is great!! sorry to ayam penyet cant win this time..hurmm..

hurm..a happy day!

*happy means the heart is pumping at great speed and the face is blushing.. =D*

Tutti frutti with aisha and nas..

This is like marathon-blog-update..hahaha~ i need to write something..or my blog will cry and hate me..hahaha..well, i used to have this one mindset where everything surrounds me is i need to take a gd care of them so that they will be's not fair if im the only one who can be happy,right? i started to believe im living in my own fantasy world yet i hate fantasy movie i.e movie that is not real like harry potter?hehehe..

so what this post is all about? as the title goes..TUTTI FRUTTI!! hee..have you tried tutti frutti?? i had it with my frens last was good though..but the price is's not that im not satisfied with the price..but im thinking of how about the people who cant afford it? cuz for me..for a yogurt type ice's expensive!! the price is close to baskin robbin sundae but baskin robbin has more toppings..n it also includes biscuit..should i say  baskin robbin wins?hahaha~ sorry tutti frutti..u lost at ur price..but guess it worth the try..i might go there again..but when i think i have extra money..hehehe~ stingy..i will consider whether things that i bought or eat are worth the money or not..and i am the type of person who is very detail in everything..hahaha..

let the picture might want to try it..

this is mine..cantek x?he

this is aisha's

i couldnt snap nas's ice cream..when aisha and i arrived there..she already finished a great gossiping time with them..hahahaha~

*an expensive food means one-time try unless you have big bucks*

fried fettucini - my way? hahaha

Finally I get the chance to update my blog..I think Im not that busy I dont have time to update my blog..but maybe I am too lazy..and the thing is I easily lose my words..phew..yeah..I am bad at writing..blurghhh~~

Let's get to the point nana..haha..Last Friday, I suddenly decided to cook for breakfast..y? because I was so sad that night..haha..dats me..when i feel sad,things that will regain my mood are cooking and cleaning..pretty weird, no?huhu~

So, I cooked fried fettucini that morning..and guess what? it turned out yummayyy!! finally i made a yummay fried thrown a lot of em before because the taste were so bad! most people claimed it is easy to cook..but i found it hard cuz i couldnt manage to get the taste that i want..but now that i get more than happier..hahaha..n believe me it's damn simple!! am i dat bad cook? i have to do a lot of tries just to get it right and it is a simple

so how do I do it? simple dish..simple instruction..firstly, need to tumis the chilly paste..when it's already pecah minyak..put the minced meat..when the meat is cooked, put some prawns..then add tomato puree..i like to put it a lot cuz i dont want to lose the normal-pasta taste where i believe it should have the taste of tomato..hahaha..then put the fettucini (you have to boil this first k..he) then kacau2..then done! easy right?hahaha

then i just realized i start to hate minced blew up the taste when the food is already know y? cuz the ready made minced meat is mixed with the when the meal is cold, the fat tend to solidify..the taste remained but your mouth will feel i recommend to mince the meat on our own so that we can put aside the fat..

this is the result~~

does it look nice or not?hehehe

*sometimes it worth the tries*

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


hahahaha~ tbe2 rs sedih..huhuhuhu T_T

*Human feeling is unpredictable*

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Whoaa~ It's been a while I guess..Got lotsa things to share but just dont really know how to put in words..They were all inside me..buried deep inside my heart..

Since I create the blog to speak up i should write something, no? and let em out

Now, what is appreciation?? well, just searched on the net for the proper's a way of recognition and one's value,quality etc etc..

why do i want to write about appreciation then? hurm..well..guess i wasnt being appreciated or i saw people's work were not really recognized by the boss? or for other reasons? I dont know..but this whole thing has been on my mind since ages..n it sometimes makes me feel sad..and down..

I believe it's not easy to appreciate people or things surround us..usually, the appreciation awareness comes after we already lost/might lost all those people/things..right? why does that happen that way? <-this part makes me sad..

For example; a family...where both parents dont have time to take care of their children..i mean they dont hv that much time spent for their first, the children still stick around..but what will happen if that goes on for years n years..will they permanently stick around? NO,right? it's like you loosely hold a thing and you dont care so much of the bond btwn you and that thing..sooner or later the bond will be more loose and at one point you no longer hold it without you even notice it's already gone..right? the same goes with people..if we dont really hold on to them..they will just go or disappear..

the worst part is..when they go/disappear..thats when we start to search for them again in the hope they will stay forever again..and when they stay..we tend to forget them again..and when they want to go..we try to search for them again..and that goes on and on..we just dont know when to stop, do we? HAHAHAHA~

As for myself, I'll try my best to appreciate things around me because ive been in the situation where I lost a person who is soooo precious to me and couldnt hold onto that person anymore..until now..and i truly regret that though good things came out of that..but losing that person caused a big change in my life..and  i promised to myself to try to appreciate things around me the best possible so that i wont regret in the future if i were to lose things once again..for at least, ive done the best for him/her.. a normal human being..if people dont appreciate me..i'll feel sad.. :_( if it happened once..or twice..or three's acceptable..but if it happened all the time..what does that really mean? Im speechless..lost my words..

*Hold on to people we love and care because when they are gone, they are gone....*

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Insidious 2011

Phewwww~~~ just mentioning the title, my heart beats faster..hahahhaa~ salah2..tu exagerate je tu..huahuahua~

hurm..have you watched insidious?

i have! hahaha..actually, i dont plan on watching this movie but at that time, i didnt really have a choice (hurm..nothing to watch but still wanted to,aite?ngong tol~)..thought this movie is so-so..but i think it's kinda good movie..the plot is unpredictable..the ending too..damn nice!! hahhaa..i love movies that i cant predict whats gonna happen, it's like i hv to wait till the end to know the whole plot..interesting, aite?

so..what it is all about? it's about a family..moving to a new house..then they were disturbed by a spirit..their son fallen into comma because of that..(because of that ke?huahuahua) they thought it was the house then they moved to another house..they were disturbed again..bla bla bla..the suspense part of the movie was exciting!

go and watch it!!

*Always have a faith on your loved ones..*

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My best friend's wedding's been a while i didnt update anything here..actually i didnt really hv anything to share..but basically was not really in the mood to share anything...duhhh

thought i did say i will share on my best fren's wedding, dla..

shes one of my best frens from my high school..there were 11 of us..ramai kn?hehehe..n shes the first to get married..only 2 of us have boyfriend while another 8 are still, if anybody wishes to get to know em..just let me know k..they may not be pretty enough for you (they r beautiful in my eyes though) but they have gorgeous hearts ya know..hehehe promote plak..

ok anyway, dla was married to one of our be exact my ex-classmate..hehe..they were frens at first..a gd frens..turns out the guy likes her..thank Allah she met a nice man who cares about her a lot and willing to do anything for her..yeap..i knew it..hehehe~

let's enjoy the pics k..

 this is an Indonesian style wedding..

 there were only 8 of us..1 has gone home..another 1 was at sabah and couldnt attend the wedding..huhu..

hehe..the wedding was awesome!! and we had a great time together! its not easy to gather all of us in one place since everybody is busy with works..meeting them is really amazing..

credit picture to

*A best friend is someone who always cry and laugh with us*