Friday, 17 August 2012

Wedding Invitation

Friday and I am at the office with almost all people are on leave..hahaha..It's pretty quiet here..I at first thought of doing some undone work..but later I figured out that the mood was no longer there (this is not a good attitude anyway..haha) so I want to do something light and leisure..and one thing came to my mind - list out people whom I want to invite to my wedding!! yeay~~ 

Talking bout wedding invitation..I have been having a dilemma of whom I should invite..I have attended 5 schools - from primary school until university..and I have different friends that I was quite close back then..but of all schools, I have only few friends who were really close to me, and few who I was not sure how close we were (funny,huh?) and that give me dilemma as I have to spare some cards for my family too..obviously they wanted to invite their friends too, no? at first, I planned to invite my close friends only and some office mates..but then I felt guilty towards the others as they invited me to their weddings of which I did not attend to some of their weddings (sorry..I was having a bad time and I didnt wish to meet any people specially from our school)..

After taking bout 6 months thinking (that was pretty long period, huh??hahaha!), I decided to invite my close friends only, office mates and some other friends..I still feel guilty but I thought to myself..this is my day and I really wanted to celebrate with people whom I loved so much..who has never ever betrayed me or stabbed me at the back..I want to share the moment with them..and I can only afford this much of amount..huhu..

I guess thats all for now ----------> let's start working~~!! ;D

*People who make you closer to Allah - they are true friends*

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