Thursday, 21 July 2011

feels like writing..but..

hurm..these few weeks are full with works n many things to update but so little time and i need to rest too..wuwuwuwu.. T_T

having busy weeks made me feel excited..know why?i have no time to feel time to think bout stupid things..and my time is full which then results to high satisfaction..though some things didnt really go well..but im happy..ehehheehe!

will try to have a chat with ya somewhere next week..ok bloggie?weee~~

*complete rest means death..*

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bowling tournament..

yeah~ bowling timeee~~

it's my co's yearly event..we had 5 ppl per team..i teamed up with my friends..k.azrina,k.emi,k.ijah n k. was fun!! hehe..our score were bad compared to previous tournament..but i think mine has improved quite a lot! lol~~ bangge lak..hahaha~

the best part was..k.tim n k.emi brought their children!!! i played with rania,zharif,n elin!! made me feel soooo good~ it's true..childs can make us feel at ease just by looking at!!

enjoy the pics~~

hehehe~ xle amek gamba seniri..amek gmba org..

k.ijah n k.azrina..

my friends..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.tim w rania (shes not n k.emi w elin..

again..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.emi w cutie elin n k.tim w sleepy rania (now shes ready..hehehe..)

all of em n ME!! fat~ wuwuwu..

the shy first, shes avoiding me even when i wanted to snap her pic..shes shy..hehe

our marks for last game..forgot to take the first two..we played 3 games anyway..hehe..n the first two were sooo bad..mine is 3 lucky strikes!! i was soo excited!!

hahahaha~ having this, i think i want to play moreee bowling!! hahaha~

*berguling berguling mcm tenggiling = bowling..LOL*

Monday, 4 July 2011

Creamy carbonara fettucini with prawn..

I watched korean drama 'Pasta' and suddenly I cooked carbonara fettucini..hahahaha~ I guess I am easily influenced by the movies or drama I watched at that moment..lalala~

so, here it goes..

does it look nice or not?but i can guarantee it is very tasty..hehehe~

it's quite easy to took me about 30 min to get this done..btw, im very slow at cooking..but i have a dream of having my own i have to learn to cook faster,no? hurm..need to improve more!!

*people who love to eat usually know how to cook*

Saturday, 2 July 2011


whoaaaa~~ today is FULL of shopping spreeee~~ hahaha..i think this is a mother-daughters time..lalala~ so happy!! went to giant at nilai..then parkson kajang..but the best thing is parkson kajang has this promotion where they sell japan's kitchen items for RM5!!! i was so excited i didnt know which one to buy..felt like buying em all!! sggh tamak okeyy!

let the pictures do the talking..but usually i did the talking (thru the caption)

peeler..comel x?hehehe


dunno what to call's for bbq..

used to pick fried food in the pan..cute huh?hehehe..i loikee~

small wok..cost u rm5's very small n cute...

this used to tender the meat..dunno what to call this..

this entry is all about cute stuffs,right?i just love cute things..tmrw im gonna go there again cuz my sis asked me to buy a set of cute cutlery..n maybe i want to look up for other cute things..omg~ i cant resist em!! huhuhu~ they r so cuteee!!

*cute things are just irresistable*

Friday, 1 July 2011

spend time with the loved one..

hurm..we do not spend so much time's like once a month..haha..does that count as frequent?hehe..well, hes been busy with work while im not..but we both need to save some money for our future so outing expenses have been revised and cut i look like an accountant now?weee~

we both take a leave last monday but it's not specifically for dating's more to settle his clearance at the university since he'll be having a convo this year..alhamdulillah..due to heavy rain, we went out a little bit late which means the happy time spend might be reduced..we arrived at gombak quite late so we decided to have a lunch first and i suggested this one place that ive been craved for..but i didnt really know the direction there..thank god he knows some of the points which can lead to the place..pheww~~ i finally get to eat loving it!! hehee~

these are our food..

looks yummy,no?he

for me, the main attraction here is the grilled's so damn tasty..i used to eat here with my best buddies; gg,afiq and muawwiz..ive graduated last 2008 so i longed for this for almost 2 years..phew..but unfortunately i couldnt eat more like i used's hard for me to finish my food that day..guess it's a gd news but not that good for that day..hahaha..i planned to eat two fishes! lol..if you want to have a's near to gsk at keramat au..there was a roundabout..go to the exit where gsk will be on your left..just go straight along the road..and you'll find it on your's a food court..this place on that is close to the toilet..hurm..couldnt describe it in a better way..huhuhu..

after lunch, we headed to the university..and settled his clearance's like a game cuz we forgot the locations of some of the offices that we need to do the clearance..but it was fun for me..i like gamess very much..currently im watching korean game show called running man..doing the clearance feels like shooting the running dreaming and AM in my fantasy world again..hahaha~

sadly, we failed the's almost end of the clearance but he couldnt manage to check to the last place to confirm that everything is cleared..cuz it's already five at that time and the office has already closed.. T_T but i think he can settle it when he needs to go there again to get the robe..hehehe~

now that the clearance is done..what are waiting for??let's have some funnn!!! although the time is limited (we both have to work the next day so we couldnt go back late..wuwuwu) but i had so much fun time with him..we had a drink at secret recipe..we watched pirates of carribean..and we had dinner at ayam penyet ria!! yeah!! that was another place that i really wished to go since last week..i was so happy when he said..'na,kate nk mkn ayam penyet ria..nk x?' i was so shocked cuz he doesnt usually remember things that i want but he remembers that..happy happy happy!! it's easy to make a woman happy,right?hahahha~

now time for pics! he..

him: ice punch.. XD

him:ayam soup..

with rice of course..owh my diet~

i think ayam penyet ria is wayyyyy better than ayam penyet api..the presentation is good..the taste is nice..and the service is great!! sorry to ayam penyet cant win this time..hurmm..

hurm..a happy day!

*happy means the heart is pumping at great speed and the face is blushing.. =D*

Tutti frutti with aisha and nas..

This is like marathon-blog-update..hahaha~ i need to write something..or my blog will cry and hate me..hahaha..well, i used to have this one mindset where everything surrounds me is i need to take a gd care of them so that they will be's not fair if im the only one who can be happy,right? i started to believe im living in my own fantasy world yet i hate fantasy movie i.e movie that is not real like harry potter?hehehe..

so what this post is all about? as the title goes..TUTTI FRUTTI!! hee..have you tried tutti frutti?? i had it with my frens last was good though..but the price is's not that im not satisfied with the price..but im thinking of how about the people who cant afford it? cuz for me..for a yogurt type ice's expensive!! the price is close to baskin robbin sundae but baskin robbin has more toppings..n it also includes biscuit..should i say  baskin robbin wins?hahaha~ sorry tutti frutti..u lost at ur price..but guess it worth the try..i might go there again..but when i think i have extra money..hehehe~ stingy..i will consider whether things that i bought or eat are worth the money or not..and i am the type of person who is very detail in everything..hahaha..

let the picture might want to try it..

this is mine..cantek x?he

this is aisha's

i couldnt snap nas's ice cream..when aisha and i arrived there..she already finished a great gossiping time with them..hahahaha~

*an expensive food means one-time try unless you have big bucks*

fried fettucini - my way? hahaha

Finally I get the chance to update my blog..I think Im not that busy I dont have time to update my blog..but maybe I am too lazy..and the thing is I easily lose my words..phew..yeah..I am bad at writing..blurghhh~~

Let's get to the point nana..haha..Last Friday, I suddenly decided to cook for breakfast..y? because I was so sad that night..haha..dats me..when i feel sad,things that will regain my mood are cooking and cleaning..pretty weird, no?huhu~

So, I cooked fried fettucini that morning..and guess what? it turned out yummayyy!! finally i made a yummay fried thrown a lot of em before because the taste were so bad! most people claimed it is easy to cook..but i found it hard cuz i couldnt manage to get the taste that i want..but now that i get more than happier..hahaha..n believe me it's damn simple!! am i dat bad cook? i have to do a lot of tries just to get it right and it is a simple

so how do I do it? simple dish..simple instruction..firstly, need to tumis the chilly paste..when it's already pecah minyak..put the minced meat..when the meat is cooked, put some prawns..then add tomato puree..i like to put it a lot cuz i dont want to lose the normal-pasta taste where i believe it should have the taste of tomato..hahaha..then put the fettucini (you have to boil this first k..he) then kacau2..then done! easy right?hahaha

then i just realized i start to hate minced blew up the taste when the food is already know y? cuz the ready made minced meat is mixed with the when the meal is cold, the fat tend to solidify..the taste remained but your mouth will feel i recommend to mince the meat on our own so that we can put aside the fat..

this is the result~~

does it look nice or not?hehehe

*sometimes it worth the tries*