Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ramadhan almost comes to an end

I guess only 3 days left..I am not sure about any improvements made this year as compared to last year..but I am definitely not satisfied with my ramadhan this year..I can say this ramadhan is more of tears to me..not only due to sadness, but other things too..I cried more this year compared to last year for all reasons that I dont feel like sharing them all here in details..Even though I should have not say this, I hope I did more ibadah this year.. T_T Hopefully I can meet the ramadhan again next year..InsyaAllah..I was only left with three days and I am going to make full of it..

The-almost-end of ramadhan made me just realize that my wedding is getting closer and closer..honestly speaking, I dont have any specific feeling for this..not happy neither excited..It's soooo flat..hahahhaa..I am heartless, maybe? thats what my friend told me..I guess it's not that I dont have feelings but I just dont have time to figure out my feelings towards it..Most of my time was used to spend with my settle all the important things bout the worry about my next semester that will start reflect myself during this ramadhan month for all the tears shed..yes..that were just part of it..soon, I just found out it is almost at the end of ramadhan..then comes raya..then national day on 31st, then malaysia day on 16th then finally my wedding that will come less than a month after flies real fasttt.. O_O

..... (lost my words ;P)

*The only thing that is never sufficient for man - TIME*

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