Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A simple thought... =)'s been a while..with soon to change to another phase of is quite full nowadays..but im loving it..hehehe~

Ok..have something to share when I was at a shopping complex this afternoon ->spend my leisure time with my lovely sister..hehehe

story 1: we were at a bookstore when suddenly a mother and her child entered the that time, we heard the child said 'mak..jgn laju sgt..adek penat la..' was cute and funny!! then when i was searching for my book, i came across them and heard him saying 'mak..jgn lepaskn adek..nnt adek hilang..' while he was looking for his cartoon! he was cautious about everything..i really found that funny though..but it gave me a good thought cause i really hate it when i saw a mother doing her shopping without even realizing that her child is playing somewhere else..n later she losts her/him..darn!it is really an eyesore..a mother/parents supposed to be with the child at all time..they are their responsibility!

story 2: while we were walking to a super market to buy groceries..i happened to see a child holding her mother's hand and shes wearing a sleeveless dress..holding her mother's hand would mean shes exposing her underarm..but you know what she did? she covered it with her other hand..i was so amazed..a child at that age (maybe around 4-6 yrs old..from my view..heheh) is so shy to show off her underarm..but the adults..are proud of their underarm and love to share the view of their underarm to other's really weird or it is normal?hahahahaha!! and yeah..i found that funny too!!

well..that are the two stories i wish to share..will share again more next time..heee~~

*Children is a bless from Allah who have the capabilities to teach the adults the basic of life*

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