Thursday, 2 June 2011


Whoaa~ It's been a while I guess..Got lotsa things to share but just dont really know how to put in words..They were all inside me..buried deep inside my heart..

Since I create the blog to speak up i should write something, no? and let em out

Now, what is appreciation?? well, just searched on the net for the proper's a way of recognition and one's value,quality etc etc..

why do i want to write about appreciation then? hurm..well..guess i wasnt being appreciated or i saw people's work were not really recognized by the boss? or for other reasons? I dont know..but this whole thing has been on my mind since ages..n it sometimes makes me feel sad..and down..

I believe it's not easy to appreciate people or things surround us..usually, the appreciation awareness comes after we already lost/might lost all those people/things..right? why does that happen that way? <-this part makes me sad..

For example; a family...where both parents dont have time to take care of their children..i mean they dont hv that much time spent for their first, the children still stick around..but what will happen if that goes on for years n years..will they permanently stick around? NO,right? it's like you loosely hold a thing and you dont care so much of the bond btwn you and that thing..sooner or later the bond will be more loose and at one point you no longer hold it without you even notice it's already gone..right? the same goes with people..if we dont really hold on to them..they will just go or disappear..

the worst part is..when they go/disappear..thats when we start to search for them again in the hope they will stay forever again..and when they stay..we tend to forget them again..and when they want to go..we try to search for them again..and that goes on and on..we just dont know when to stop, do we? HAHAHAHA~

As for myself, I'll try my best to appreciate things around me because ive been in the situation where I lost a person who is soooo precious to me and couldnt hold onto that person anymore..until now..and i truly regret that though good things came out of that..but losing that person caused a big change in my life..and  i promised to myself to try to appreciate things around me the best possible so that i wont regret in the future if i were to lose things once again..for at least, ive done the best for him/her.. a normal human being..if people dont appreciate me..i'll feel sad.. :_( if it happened once..or twice..or three's acceptable..but if it happened all the time..what does that really mean? Im speechless..lost my words..

*Hold on to people we love and care because when they are gone, they are gone....*

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