Sunday, 16 October 2011

A quick stop...

huwarghhh!! it's been a whileee~~ i wish i could write more..have a list of them..but currently too busy with work and study..

Oh Dear Blog aka Cumi (i just named you cumi..hehe),

I am really sorry I havent visited you and talked to you for quite a long time..I have been busy at the moment..I havent really got the time to even online my YM..LOL~ sounds too busy huh? I suppose yes..So, I will visit you again someday so that I can share my stories here..No worries, got plenty of them..

Why do I named you Cumi? Do you know Cumi is a squid in Indonesian Language..?I love squid so much specially the tempura one..haha..I can eat a bucket of em..LOL that tells how fat I am..urghhh!

Now that proves I love you bloggie..hehe..since I named you with a thing that I love soooo much!!

Will update again later..k?


*Love made you feel guilty when you are not in contact with your loved ones*

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