Friday, 1 July 2011

Tutti frutti with aisha and nas..

This is like marathon-blog-update..hahaha~ i need to write something..or my blog will cry and hate me..hahaha..well, i used to have this one mindset where everything surrounds me is i need to take a gd care of them so that they will be's not fair if im the only one who can be happy,right? i started to believe im living in my own fantasy world yet i hate fantasy movie i.e movie that is not real like harry potter?hehehe..

so what this post is all about? as the title goes..TUTTI FRUTTI!! hee..have you tried tutti frutti?? i had it with my frens last was good though..but the price is's not that im not satisfied with the price..but im thinking of how about the people who cant afford it? cuz for me..for a yogurt type ice's expensive!! the price is close to baskin robbin sundae but baskin robbin has more toppings..n it also includes biscuit..should i say  baskin robbin wins?hahaha~ sorry tutti frutti..u lost at ur price..but guess it worth the try..i might go there again..but when i think i have extra money..hehehe~ stingy..i will consider whether things that i bought or eat are worth the money or not..and i am the type of person who is very detail in everything..hahaha..

let the picture might want to try it..

this is mine..cantek x?he

this is aisha's

i couldnt snap nas's ice cream..when aisha and i arrived there..she already finished a great gossiping time with them..hahahaha~

*an expensive food means one-time try unless you have big bucks*

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