Saturday, 14 May 2011

My best friend's wedding's been a while i didnt update anything here..actually i didnt really hv anything to share..but basically was not really in the mood to share anything...duhhh

thought i did say i will share on my best fren's wedding, dla..

shes one of my best frens from my high school..there were 11 of us..ramai kn?hehehe..n shes the first to get married..only 2 of us have boyfriend while another 8 are still, if anybody wishes to get to know em..just let me know k..they may not be pretty enough for you (they r beautiful in my eyes though) but they have gorgeous hearts ya know..hehehe promote plak..

ok anyway, dla was married to one of our be exact my ex-classmate..hehe..they were frens at first..a gd frens..turns out the guy likes her..thank Allah she met a nice man who cares about her a lot and willing to do anything for her..yeap..i knew it..hehehe~

let's enjoy the pics k..

 this is an Indonesian style wedding..

 there were only 8 of us..1 has gone home..another 1 was at sabah and couldnt attend the wedding..huhu..

hehe..the wedding was awesome!! and we had a great time together! its not easy to gather all of us in one place since everybody is busy with works..meeting them is really amazing..

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*A best friend is someone who always cry and laugh with us*

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