Friday, 12 August 2011

Merck Sherlock at The Pyramid..

Erkkk~~ it's been a while I didnt update anything..huhuhu~ yeap..been bz and the weekends were always full..hurmmm..

Firstly, Salam Ramadhan to all and myself..ehehehe~ hopefully, this month will bring us more bless..InsyaAllah..

Ok..I kept a list of things I want to update in my hp..afraid that I might forgot during the update progress..So far, I just had three of em..hahaha..very few, no? It's almost a month with no update and I have only three on the list??hahahaha..yeah..kinda it too obvious Im not really into writing?yeah..maybe?ehehehe

the first topic came up on the list was one of the staff at my office whom I dislike due to his hyprocrisy but I dont think I want to brag about him here..Hes tooooo boring n not funneyyhhh~

Now I only have two on the list..hahahha..

Lets start with sherlock at the pyramid..

If I can still recall, it was in the mid of was organized by Merck Sdn Bhd..One of my suppliers..Initially, I just forwarded the email sent by the supplier to all the members in my department in case they are interested to join since I didnt plan on joining cuz I have jacob's walk of life with my family in the same week..but then when my boss read it..she asked me to take this as one the team building program for the members and she asked me to get them to participate in it..unfortunately only 10 places available for my company..and the members were about 15..

cut the story short..only 5 of us from my department and the other department joined's like a treasure hunt event..thought it will tiring and boring..but turned out it was soooo fun..having to walk at sunway pyramid..searching for answers and there were bout 24 Qs..if im not mistaken..and to do the charade during the was so much funnnnn..yet tiring..ehehehe..

here are the pics..hee~

Laila n K.Ijah while waiting for our leader to get the clue and questions..hehe

One of the tasks we need to do to get the answer..->get a picture of egyptians shopping..drawing money and etc etc..

Mr Sherlock was checking the progress.. ;D

While checking the progress..hehehe

At the end of the event..with Mr Sherlock..we lose actually..huhu..ranked at no 7 out of 35 groups? cudnt remember number of groups..

My group!! second from left is the group leader; Azrulein..

Had so much fun!! I didnt regret I joined it even if I knew tomorrow will be Jacob's walk of life and needed to wake up early in the morn..and I hate wake up early during the's a no no ok..hahaha..anak dare pemalas x?

*Fun activities may boost up the energy at an amazing level..and reduce it tremendously once it's over..*

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