Friday, 12 August 2011

Jacob's Walk of Life

Huwarghhh~~ blog's express updatesss!! hahaha..

Jacob's Walk of's a yearly event organized by Jacob's..the biscuit company..Do you like to eat Jacob's biscuits? for plain biscuit, i like hup seng better..but Jacob's oatmeal is the best..I still remember during my year at the MCIIUM, my roommate and I had a box of Jacob's oatmeal per week..A she bought one and me too..we usually had a stock for two weeks..then we bought it again for another two weeks of stocks..hahaha..when I told my mother this..she responsed 'Patutlah awak gemuk..' hahahaha..cruel,no?

Well, the common things Jacob's will have during this event are;

1.Yellow tshirt
2.Free biscuits
3.Free vouchers from Mizuno and I-cant-remember-the-name fitness centre
4.DJs like Fafau and FBI?
5.Jacobs bag and it's definitely yellow..

My family and I joined this event two yearly's like a yearly event for us too..for healthy lifestyle and for family bonding..ehehehe..too bad my eldest sister and her husband didnt join it this year..she has her CLP exam around that dad too..he has other activities i was planned early than this event..

still..we had so much fun..and the tiredness level increased for this year due to the harder route than last year..hahaha..

The piccasss~

Pretending to be serious..LOL

Number fourth, The youngest, Mom, One and only brother at Number Third..hehehe

With me..Im Number Second in the sibling..ehehe

With Fafau..after having so much difficulties to get a pic with her..hahahha..and it's funny..

*Healthy lifestyle, Happy well being*

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