Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bowling tournament..

yeah~ bowling timeee~~

it's my co's yearly event..we had 5 ppl per team..i teamed up with my friends..k.azrina,k.emi,k.ijah n k. was fun!! hehe..our score were bad compared to previous tournament..but i think mine has improved quite a lot! lol~~ bangge lak..hahaha~

the best part was..k.tim n k.emi brought their children!!! i played with rania,zharif,n elin!! made me feel soooo good~ it's true..childs can make us feel at ease just by looking at!!

enjoy the pics~~

hehehe~ xle amek gamba seniri..amek gmba org..

k.ijah n k.azrina..

my friends..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.tim w rania (shes not n k.emi w elin..

again..k.azrina,k.ijah,k.emi w cutie elin n k.tim w sleepy rania (now shes ready..hehehe..)

all of em n ME!! fat~ wuwuwu..

the shy first, shes avoiding me even when i wanted to snap her pic..shes shy..hehe

our marks for last game..forgot to take the first two..we played 3 games anyway..hehe..n the first two were sooo bad..mine is 3 lucky strikes!! i was soo excited!!

hahahaha~ having this, i think i want to play moreee bowling!! hahaha~

*berguling berguling mcm tenggiling = bowling..LOL*

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