Friday, 12 August 2011

BBQ with family + Abah's Triathlon

The 3rd week of July...

Went to Port Dickson cuz abah participated in the thriathlon..Yeap it's kinda his partial obsession..he likes sports very much..specially cycling and swimming..he usually cycles during the weekends and sometimes he cycles to his office too..hehe..

So..we took the opportunity to have bbq together there..Note that it was my idea..hahaha..Initially I wanted to try new recipe I got from the internet..thats why I suggested we have bbq together..but then I was too busy with work I couldnt find the time to go home and marinade the beef and my sis marinaded em the usual way..huhuhu.. T_T maybe I can try it next time..yes there will definitely be next time..they fetched me at my home..ehehe..

time for picsss~~

the prep..

my family eldest sister is not in d pic :(

tried to squeeze myself into the pic..ehehehe..

the arangss

the orang who handled arangs

yeahhh..the foooddddsss..nyummayhhh!!

after taking this pic, my dad said 'amekla gmba yg spontan..asek gmba pndg cam je..' hahahha~

my youngest sister..the light of the family..

ye..gmba abah yg SPONTAN..

yeap..this is me..hahahhaa..

my dad's triathlon..swimming..

next comes the dad is in blue..too fast..cudnt manage to set d cam at a close distance..

my dad reaching the finishing line..

running..his finishing time is around 3 hrs and 24 minutes..

my happy dad..hahaha

so happy he didnt even look at the cam although I was like 'abah!! abah!! pndg sini! abahhhh!!' then i gv up..hahaha

So happy to be able to spend great activities with my's extremely awesome!!

*Happy moments should be created more and more and more..*

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