Friday, 1 July 2011

fried fettucini - my way? hahaha

Finally I get the chance to update my blog..I think Im not that busy I dont have time to update my blog..but maybe I am too lazy..and the thing is I easily lose my words..phew..yeah..I am bad at writing..blurghhh~~

Let's get to the point nana..haha..Last Friday, I suddenly decided to cook for breakfast..y? because I was so sad that night..haha..dats me..when i feel sad,things that will regain my mood are cooking and cleaning..pretty weird, no?huhu~

So, I cooked fried fettucini that morning..and guess what? it turned out yummayyy!! finally i made a yummay fried thrown a lot of em before because the taste were so bad! most people claimed it is easy to cook..but i found it hard cuz i couldnt manage to get the taste that i want..but now that i get more than happier..hahaha..n believe me it's damn simple!! am i dat bad cook? i have to do a lot of tries just to get it right and it is a simple

so how do I do it? simple dish..simple instruction..firstly, need to tumis the chilly paste..when it's already pecah minyak..put the minced meat..when the meat is cooked, put some prawns..then add tomato puree..i like to put it a lot cuz i dont want to lose the normal-pasta taste where i believe it should have the taste of tomato..hahaha..then put the fettucini (you have to boil this first k..he) then kacau2..then done! easy right?hahaha

then i just realized i start to hate minced blew up the taste when the food is already know y? cuz the ready made minced meat is mixed with the when the meal is cold, the fat tend to solidify..the taste remained but your mouth will feel i recommend to mince the meat on our own so that we can put aside the fat..

this is the result~~

does it look nice or not?hehehe

*sometimes it worth the tries*

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