Saturday, 2 July 2011


whoaaaa~~ today is FULL of shopping spreeee~~ hahaha..i think this is a mother-daughters time..lalala~ so happy!! went to giant at nilai..then parkson kajang..but the best thing is parkson kajang has this promotion where they sell japan's kitchen items for RM5!!! i was so excited i didnt know which one to buy..felt like buying em all!! sggh tamak okeyy!

let the pictures do the talking..but usually i did the talking (thru the caption)

peeler..comel x?hehehe


dunno what to call's for bbq..

used to pick fried food in the pan..cute huh?hehehe..i loikee~

small wok..cost u rm5's very small n cute...

this used to tender the meat..dunno what to call this..

this entry is all about cute stuffs,right?i just love cute things..tmrw im gonna go there again cuz my sis asked me to buy a set of cute cutlery..n maybe i want to look up for other cute things..omg~ i cant resist em!! huhuhu~ they r so cuteee!!

*cute things are just irresistable*