Friday, 29 April 2011

A wedding card...

Hurm..have nothing to write actually..hahaha~

but wish to share about a wedding card..

A wedding card is a formal invitation to our wedding..thats my belief.. Nowadays, having a fb..people start to forget the importance of a wedding card..most of them feel like inviting through an app on the fb is enough..

However, I have this one kind of belief by which..if you dont invite them using a card, it's like u dont have any intention to invite them at's only for the sake of inviting..if not, u'll feel guilty..

some might think im somewhat an ego person..but i think i have my own stand..even i myself..if i were going to get marry later..i will only give cards to the people who i really want to other way, i dont invite people who dont receive my cards..thats's not that im bad for not inviting them..but i have my own budget..and im not a rich,i'll invite who are close to me only..who always cheer me up when i was down..who are my true

now, im in the dilemma of whom am i going to invite then..cuz i have so many friends..duhhh...but i already have a list of people who i will not invite for my wedding..hahaha~ a bad person..whats wrong with that..?it's a matter of my own choice and my wedding is a private event to im not even a public figure to invite all

somehow, some people might get hurt if you dont invite them..hope i'll choose the right person to invite..insyaallah..

omg! i love this card!! it's simple but nice!!

photo credit to paperthrill

*it's sick to see how a tradition is started to fade away*

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