Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fake egg vs Real egg (updated)

Fake eggs??? hurm...people can do so much..even fake eggs were created..creative but not so beneficial at the same time may harm otherS?? hurmm...will post on this soon...i mean soon enough..hehehe~ have to wait for the edited pics by my brother...

Ok..the pics are ready.....edited by my bro..from OMP Production..You can check out more of his works here  =D

These are the eggs after boiling with water..if you notice (in the red circle), there is a membrane (dunno what to call malay, it's selaput) that separates the white egg and the egg yolk...btw, i dont think this is an ori LTK products (according to my mom)..cuz the packaging is different from the real one..

This is it when it is uncooked..the fake egg will never get a round egg yolk..

where did i get the pics? hahaha~ these are the eggs that i accidentally bought few weeks first i thought the eggs were expired..but couldnt make myself agree since the egg wasnt smelly at all..ive seen an expired egg..the smell was unbelievable stink! i could pretty recognize the smell..but i was unsure about these eggs..cuz the taste was different from the normal's just weird..then i thought maybe it is due to the low cholesterol as mentioned on the packaging..but then i hardly convinced myself that theres nothing wrong with the i brought the egg to my sis's house to compare..then..that's where i found the different..then i informed my mom bout the eggs and few days after that..fake eggs became the paper topics (definitely not because of me..) then my mom called and asked me bout the details..all the characters of the eggs bought fitted well with the info claimed in the papers..

so i decided to do an experiment at mom's home..then we brought the eggs home..thats (the pics) were the results of the thing u can confirm that the egg is fake..try to shake the egg..if you hear the sound of water shaking..then thats the fake can imagine it has quite big empty space inside...while the real one..u cant really hear the shaking seems full inside there..guess thats the easy way to differentiate both of them (as experimented by myself and my mom.. =D )

and the other thing..the fake egg has a quite disturbing smell..i dont know how to describe it..but beware..dont eat it cuz one of the ingredients is gelatin..but of course it has other chemicals, it's not safe..(pity me..   -_-" )

So far, this is all I am sure of bout this fake egg based on my own experience..hope this could be a help to the others..

*Too much is harmful*  

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