Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bandung Trip - Day 3

Ok..Let's move to day 3..hehehehe~

We went to Kawah Putih as early as 8am..It's quite far compared to tangkuban but the road are tolerable which is way better than tangkuban of course..hurm..according to Dani, kawah putih does not have much visitors as compared to tangkuban so the place is pretty pleasant cuz there was nobody will follow you asking you to buy the sourvenirs..Pheww~ it was a relief..One thing i love about kawah putith was the village that we passed through along the way...It was awesome!! the scenery, the weather, i dun hv a word to describe them..i was totally admired them...and another thing is the houses were colourful! haha~ i love 'em!!! FYI, some of the houses were made of bamboo..hehe..it's totally different from here..where only rich ppl can afford a house with bamboos...when i told Dani bout that..he just laughed! hahaha~ We went to pick strawberries later..it's so cheap it costed us about 30000rp/kg (~RM11/kg) only! kyaaaa~~ sugoiiii!!

After kawah putih, we went to cibaduyut..since some of us wanted to shop for leather products..my mom n i only shopped for snackss...hahaha~ we bought pisang sale goreng, tempe goreng, kacang sedap (i dunno the name..thats what i call it), keropok ikan tenggiri..the snacks were amazing!! we didnt buy so much cuz we were afraid that it didnt suit our taste..huhu~ wish we did buy more of them..cuz the snacks lasted for only a week after we arrived in Malaysia..huhu..After that, we went to jalan riau and toko tiga.. I didnt buy anything in jalan riau but bought 2 jeans at toko tiga..hohoho~

The pics~~~

my mom

kawah putih...

my mom n i..

From left; me, auntie asnah, liyana, auntie zainon, auntie salmah, my mom, auntie miah, auntie zalina

Precaution measures..

Colorful houses

Nice view huh?

strawberry picking..excited!!!

The strawberriesss..uweee~

The house where we pick the strawberries..very nice and breathtaking view~

p/s: already uploaded~~! using family's internet...hehehe~

*people will appreciate a thing more when they are going to lose it..*

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