Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bandung Trip - Day 2

huhuhu..i didnt update as promised...wuwuwu.. T_T ive been busy these days..sorting out my personal probs and others..thank Allah ive already settled two of em..

ok lets continue with the second day..we went to tangkuban parahu early as 8am..hahaha~ however, tangkuban was not really pleasant as there were so many ppl following us to sell souvenirs..n the scenery was just nice..after that, we went to sari ater hot spring..i love the landscap! hehehe...after that we had lunch at kampung daun (it was suggested by my friend..) the place is amazing! but the journey to that place was terrible..cuz we have to go through small roads that have lots of corners n it's pretty deep inside the village on the mountain! Although the scenery and the food was amazing, i dont think i'll go there for the second time..hahahaha!lastly, we went for shopping at rumah mode and jalan dago..i personally think that the items there are somewhat similar as what we have in malaysia..n the price differences are not so big, so i didnt buy anything there...hehehe~

here are the pics;

at tangkuban parahu

sari ater hot spring

kampung daun..forgot to take pics of the foodsss~ wuwuwuwu T_T

Rumah Mode

Gedung sate..if im not mistaken, this is their's governor place..named after sate because of the windowsss look like a sate..maybe?

From a better view..

 confuse nape gamba ni senget..xreti nk betolkn..huhu..btw..this is at tangkuban..i was informed that the tree can only live at volcano area..

this is at sari ater..

our eating place at kampung daun..yeah they have specific area for your privacy is guaranteed..

me at gedung sate...

I think thats all for's almost 1.30 am..n im so sleepy.. *_*

Till next update!! 

*Life is a circle..we can be at the top..we can be at the bottom too..*

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