Thursday, 21 April 2011

A supporter...

Today I almost cried...too many things to handle but too little time..why? one of my colleagues aka my teammate just resigned few weeks ago...actually there were only two of us in the team yet we called it a team??? hahha! yes! it's a team..we dont really get well the first time..i dunno him..he didnt know me..but guess i tried the best possible so that we could work together..i dislike him at first..i thought hes not responsible..cuz he always left me doing the operations/works alone..hahaha! ye die kejam!

but soon we get along so well..specifically after he get married...he changed a lot! n i liked him dat way..easy for me to get the job done..he loved discussion..n we did a lot of discussions n we learned a lot too!! yeap two people..better ideas...but i thanked his wife..cuz i think she contributed a lot to the changes he made..

but now...i am all alone..n today i had an argument..i was so tired..i couldnt think right..and i didnt understand what was the argument was that time..i thought of him the most..i almost cried..cuz i feel like i dont have anybody to support me whenever the process didnt go right..he was always the supporter when things didnt go least, i know both of us will be blamed..and hes a superior to,i didnt feel that much of tense..last time, when i get so worried..he will like 'relax nana...xde pape la..relax je..' so i could quite relax cuz i thought i have a supporter n i didnt feel alone..

now that i need to think of everything on my own..adding up new's all jumbled up..i couldnt organize it very well..i easily forgot things that need to be done..feel like im in a total mess!

when he was leaving..i didnt really show that it affected me that much..i tried to be strong..cuz he claimed that i am tough..i can do everyhing..hahahha! yeap i was happy he said that..but now, guess i started to miss have all kind of discussion..changing thoughts..having a lot of least i was comfortable having discussion with him..

and he still helps me up until now...

Dear Friend,

I guess I started to miss know what i meant's pretty sad being alone you's somewhat hard to ask ppl to help..not because they dont want to help..but because they are not really in the makes me feel awkward and guilty asking them to stay work during the weekend..and all..

(just received a msg from you..haha..regarding RO..) now i just lost my words...ko mmg potong stim tau...hahahha!abes lupe sume dh...

But anyway, you are also the best teammate ever yet..n im glad i know you..before and after you changed..hehehhe...thank you for all your supports and for the knowledge shared..even though sometimes i easily get confused with so much information from you..but i really appreciated that..thank you for being positive all the time..i got the energy if you want to know..since i easily get worried over something..even it's small..thank you for everything....

I hope you'll be successful in your life..May Allah bless you with nice kids and a happy life...InsyaAllah..

Your friend,

I know you read this..if you read this, this is all end here...dont brag about me being this sentimental in front of anybody..specially myself..hahaha! if you do, i will never see you again! huh!

I have a picture of him but couldnt remember where i kept, i'll put it always..hahahha~ *sy mmg pemalas nk cr2 n selongkar merate2 wlopn dlm computer je...sgt malas~*

*it's a bless from Allah to be able to meet good people..*

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