Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bandung Trip - Day 4 & 5

Phewww~~ I took quite a long time to finish the bandung trip entries..hahhaha~~ my bad...

Continue on day 4, we didnt do any visit..we just go for shopping at pasar baru..bought every single things on the list and some additional things..hahahha~ so not much pics taken..we went for shopping at 9am and went back to hotel at 2pm..pheww~~ tired with satisfaction..then we had our lundin (lunch+dinner) at the kiosk..wohoooo~ we tried different dishes..but i couldnt remember what did i had for lundin..huhuhu~

after eating, we get some rest at our room then we did the packing at night..hehe~ thank god..all bought items fitted just nice in the bags..what a relief..

on the last day, mom n i went to pasar do final last minute shopping cuz mom just realized that souvenirs bought were not enough for her we had to do a quick shopping..yeap..i was dragged along..haha~ we went to airport at 12 noon so we arrived there was good though..cuz we had some problems managing the bagssssss (some of us have 4 bags/person)..finished settle everything just in time..phewwww again..hehehe

Well, i found that trip to bandung was a nice one...we went to almost all of the tourist spots..except for historical buildings..having dani as our driver was a bless..he didnt charge more than he he offered to send us to airport free of charge..if you want to visit bandung and need an honest driver..drop a msg..i'll email you his contact number..although i started to miss msia after the second day..i'd go here again with my family one day..n i plan to stay at kawah putih area for at least one night..they actually have kampung strawberry there (resort i guess..) will check on that before going there..hehehe~ n will do more shoppingssss at pasar baru...and will buy more snackssss at cibaduyut..and will go to kawah domas..yeap...these are the must-dos at bandung...and..will definitely stay at aston braga again...hohohoho~

*Bandung, I'll come again..I'll bring my loved ones..*

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