Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A masjid vs A revenge? nothing to write actually...but theres one thing that popped in my mind that i would like to share here...

What a masjid has anything to do with a revenge? think deep...

what does actually a masjid refer to in Islam..?think more...think deep..i wont tell u the answer..hahaha~

guess everybody knows..when talks about means good so..can a masjid be linked to a revenge? i dont see that goes pretty well...cuz it's totally contradict to each other, right?

but nowadays..i can see some people..when initializing a good action that may need a bless for the whole the same time..taking some revenges to other people..what i meant here..those people who take the advantage of doing good deed to get some revenge...haha~ thats totally get your head confused right? me too!!

i cant imagine how that person/people may continue to live a happy life when he/she initiating it with a bad thing..? hurting somebody at the moment of starting a new world? somehow it seems like a bad start..hopefully it wont end up in a bad end..insyaallah...

what i want to really express here..if you want to seek for a real happiness..let go of the past...cuz gd deeds dont come along with bad just doesnt make sense at all..

dont want to continue more or i'll just mumble around...hahahahaha~

*let go of the past to let yourself free..*

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