Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bandung Trip - Part 1

hurm..been a while i didnt update anything..wuwuwuwu~ T_T too lazy...kyaaaaa~!!

Have you been to Bandung?'s a nice country you know..the ppl are nice..the weather too..but I managed to stay excited for only 3 days..I already started to miss Malaysia on day 4..hahaha~

I went to Bandung on early march..for about 5 days..This trip was planned last year..It wasnt my plan actually..but when my mother asked me to accompany her (to go with her friends)..then i was a lady's trip k..there were 8 of us..n most of em were around 40s to 50s..huhu~ Our flight was early in the morning..although we were late, we managed to board the flight on time...phewwww~~

We arrived there at 12.30 (bandung time)..then we rested at the hotel..i was so worried since we didnt have any contact there n we knew that it'd be expensive to use hotel's service for add to the worry, i was chosen to be the leader of the trip... O_o whoaaaa~ so worry!! i found a contact number from one of the hotel's staff to rent a car...n i called that number..he quoted the price for was about 600 000rp for 12 hrs sightseeing service..but at that time i was still unsure whether ive gotten the best i decided to hold it first so that i could discuss with the others..but at the same time i prayed to Allah to get a better price..(i was sooooooooooooo nervous ya know!)

after getting some rest, we went to pasar was about 10-minutes walk only..we stayed at 2-room apartment at aston broga..if you plan to go to bandung..stay at this hotel! worth your money! trust me..the rate is quite go for 'go holiday' promo by air asia k! it's inclusive hotel n flight ticket..hehehe~ btw, aston broga is similar to cititel..where a shopping complex is attached to the hotel..if you wish to try the experience watching movies at bandung..then you must stay here..the cinema is just at the second floor of the hotel..

we bought telekung n a pair of kain jahit manik..haha..on the first day! then we had our dinner at the the ground floor of the shopping complex...if im not mistaken la..

after dinner, when we was about to go back to our room..we met malaysian ppl..a group of men..they suggested this one supir (driver) to us..his name is dani..they told us that he gave the best price n hes also can be i took his contact number from them..we chatted for a while, then we went back to our room..

later that night, i called dani..n he quoted me 450 000rp for a-day sightseeing using avanza and 600 000rp for a-day sightseeing using a van..i was like 'is this a wow?' i still wasnt so sure bout that..then i discussed with the others and they agreed to take him..

can i cont part 2 tomorrow..?wuwuwuwu~ T_T i'll write about the second day k...hehe

Here are the picsss~

 our bedroom (my mom n i)..we booked 3 rooms..3 of us stayed here..

 the hall..

 the dining table

 this is very unexpected outcome..when i took the pic, i thought the train was on fire! yeah..ini adalah keretapi menggunakan arang!

 my mom, auntie asnah (my mom's friend)..the other 5 were still at pasar

 The kiosk...nice huh?

 Another view of the kiosk..

Our foodss..i ate nasi mom who was afraid to try indonesian food just ate 2 pieces of tempe and auntie asnah tried out soto was very tasty and cheap!

*Always stay in touch with Allah..*

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