Friday, 1 March 2013

Being firm..

I hate to received calls from insurance's not that I am being arrogant..but it annoyed me when they couldnt accept a 'no' as a reply..was it so hard to believe that theres no budget for that just yet? Different people have different ways of managing their financial..cant they at least understand that?

Just now, I received a call from an insurance agent..Ive been talking really softly with them previously but I dont know whats happening to me today but I guess he came at the wrong I just being direct and straight forward with him..

A call came in...

Me: hello?
Him: maaf mengganggu..bla dr ***** insurance...bole ckp sebentar?
Me: rs sy xberminat..
Him: mcm mn cik bole rs xberminat sedangkan sy belum bercerite ttg produk ni lg?
Me: tau kalo sy mmg xnk..n skr pn sy sgt sibuk..
Him: owh..kalau begitu, sy mnta maaf krn mengganggu cik..
Me: ok..tq

This is the first time i did it this way..but even though hes questioning my decision..I believe I should just be firm with my stand..and tell him directly instead of listening to him but I was so confirmed my answer will still be 'no'..whats d point? Cuz I'll be wasting both his and my time..right?

*being firm may seem cruel but it also may save some resources*

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