Friday, 22 March 2013

slow progress

what's with slow progress??

i feel that my head is going to blow when dealing with laid back people..

I have always tried to avoid dealing with this kind of people because they somehow dont have the sense of urgency..

all they do is relaxing and eating and sleeping and more productivity!

oh pleaseeeee!! dont you feel sorry to waste even only 1 second? specially when you have something to do????

i like progress! and i need progress!!

arghhhh!! why do i have to deal with themmmm???? why?? why???

im no perfect person too..i can still tolerate/compromise with a lot of things but i really cant handle it when small simple tasks which can be done in 1 day..but they were not completed even after 3 days!!

i hate it so much!! like seriously!! whats on your mind??? dont u have goals??

Dear Allah,

Please grant me more patience and please open their heart to take life more seriously..please and please and please..i beg you.. T_T


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