Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Contribution vs money

Which one is more important?

Haha..I used to have a principle where I have always wanted to contribute something to the country and may that lead to the ummah too..

I have gotten the opportunity to do that..but it seems that the journey is so tough..and with the fact the income is not as big as other people..and I am married..

But holding on my principle..and I have been living with it..I tried to shut my ears n to close my eyes from looking at other people's big income..specially my close friends..so that I will not be dragged into doing-my-work-for-the-sack-of-money mindset..and to my surprise..I managed to do it for like 2 years..

Now that I am married..I am expecting to achieve my goals that have been set for some years ahead..and it's quite hard on me since my timeline has been dragged for a year or two..feel like crying..and when I am at this stage..having people offered me job with higher pay..and people who tried to influence me in changing my job to get better pay..I have been refusing to the offers/invitations..until today..when one offered me a job that is very closely related to my current job with 150% higher pay (maybe it's not really high for some people out there) made me pause a while to think which one is important - my principle or money?

Yet..I decided to choose my principle over money at this point of time I am writing this entry..

Am I making a bad move? What about other people out there? Is there anyone has the same thought as mine?

May Allah lead me to the right path and grant me more knowledge and achievement in life..

*sometimes money cant buy just everything*

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