Monday, 4 March 2013

Unexpected event

It was a hectic weekend...

Sat; cleaning up house, went for 'merisik' for my brother at night
Sun; attended an engagement event of a friend of mine, visited a schoolmate at kpj shah alam, went for grocery shopping at alamanda

But..of all events, I would like to share the moment of visiting my friend at the hospital - it really touched my heart and I could not stop myself from thinking about it.. T_T

I have gotten the message since last week and planned for a visit during the first, I thought it was only a tumour (not a cancerous one) although it's usually can be cancerous but I wished to stay positive..

We reached there at around 2pm and after gathered with another 2 friends of mine..we went to the room..btw, it's 'he'..a male friend from my high we had some conversation with him and later found out that it can be a cancerous one as it is already in 10-inch size..whats affected the fatal organ, so only 2inch of it can be removed and he has to go for a chemotherapy session starting today to remove the rest of it..when I heard 10-inch..I thought 'it's huge!'..and I was really speechless because I was really sad to think about him and his family and he's still young anyway..

His mother was there and she could not stop crying..I can see how worry she was..after stayed there for a while, we decided to leave...all I can say to him at that time was only to remain positive for anything that may come up next..just make sure to have a positive thinking so that the cells can be positive as well in order to heal faster or at least it will not get worst..and later can survive better..

To my shock, his wife was really calm..really2 calm..I did not see any sign of tears in her eyes..I believe she was holding in inside her for she has a son and a husband to take care of..I could not imagine if I was in her place..I may not easily accept this and stay as calm as she was..

I pray that allah would lessen their burden and make them tough to face this..because I am very sure allah gave them this kind of test to make sure they grow to become a better muslim..because I know he was a really good person at school previously..I mean as long as I know him..hes not a troublesome..

And..I just realized why allah has gotten me into this industry.. -> for me to perform better and help more people..inshaa allah..will try my very best to do so..

*a positive mind, creates positive cells that make up the body*

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