Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lesson learned..

Never in my mind would I imagine that I have to deal with this mess..It's really awful that I (we) had to face some weird, inconsiderate people..

We involved in accident few weeks was between our car and a motorcycle (ride by two high school students, of whom still on L licence) cut it short..both parties were actually at fault..but due to our too much consideration as we at first thought that we were the only one who were at fault, they were trying to take advantage on us..later when we realized that they were at fault we demanded them to take responsibilities too..It's not so much..only costed about RM300-400..but to my shock, the parents believed their son was not guilty..and even after the agreement was made, the mother was still hysterical and she suddenly scolded my husband (which looked ugly to me..for a mother to do that..note that shes a teacher too..*sigh*) and it was only because of RM100..i repeat..RM100!! RM100 is only like RM10 these days..and she made a fuss because of that..I really could not digest that..oh, btw..the agreement was that they only pay RM100 of the total's not a lot, no??

I am really thankful that it's over now..and I never have to see that ugly mom anymore..

I have learnt a lot from this know that there were many kinds of human being and they can be really ugly..but other than all the ugly experiences, I am really thankful that our relationship has tighten after this incident..we finally understood our different languages..and the incident made us better at working as a also increased our trust towards each other..and changed both of us to be a better person..

For that, I thank you Allah..I knew everything that He set for us is the best for us..and I really have my faith on that..

*There is always a bright light at the end of a dark road*

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  1. Sentiasa ingat Allah. Amalkan baca dan tadabbur ayat 190-200 surah al-Imran setiap pagi apabila bangun tidur sebelum subuh.