Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sayang by shae

I have started listening to these few weeks and I came across this song which I thought was simple,sweet and nice..I just loved it! hehe.. Every time I listened to this song, all I could think of was my today, while on the way to the office..this song was played and I listened to it very well..and I just realized that it has one verse saying 'jagalah hatimu untukku..' and I was is totally not my husband..yeah..he's been loving me for the past nine years or maybe ten years as of this year..even though he knew I was not in love with him until three years, I am quite confident (and pray at the same time too) that he'll never betray me..Inshaa allah..

I always have this mindset that I was the only who was after him when we started to be together three years ago and I still have it even after we were married..but today, I just opened my eyes and see that he's still the same person who were totally into sister was right about him.. <-whenever I felt down about him, I told my sister and she always has the same thought that I was exaggerating things..that I was too emotional about everything when everything (related to him) was actually just fine..

We both have ups and downs..we both fought a lot..we both are totally two different persons from two different worlds..we have the very least common things between each other..we are not sweet couple like others..but we both know  by heart that we really love each other and we cared about each other so much so we fought a lot because we dont know how to express our feelings towards each other..maybe thats the trait the we both have in common..hahahaha~

so this is the lyrics;

Sayang apa khabar dengan mu
Di sini ku merindukan kamu
Ku harap cinta mu takkan berubah
Kerna di sini ku tetap untukmu

Sayang apa khabar dengan mu
Cobalah kamu telepon diriku
Ku rindu dengar suara indahmu
Kerna dirimulah semangat hidupku

Sayang dengarlah permintaan ku
Jangan ragu kan cintaku
Sayang percayalah apa kataku
Kerna ku sayang kamu

Sayang dengarlah permintaanku
Jaga hatimu untukku
Sayang dengarlah bisikan hatiku
Kerna ku sayang kamu


I am so in love with this song!!!

*Unspoken love does not usually mean you are not loved by him/her*

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