Thursday, 14 February 2013

A beautiful friendship

I am waiting for my husband outside of the house..thought I should write something while waiting..hehe
I just got back from meeting my friends at impiana klcc..we had so much fun together..bought some food and stay at our friend's was a last-minute plan when one of us who stayed at bintulu told us that shes coming to kl to attend some meeting so she wanted to meet up since she could not come here there was the meeting..

I just realized that a lot have been going for some of us..some plan to get married this yr-gd news! And some are expecting babies this coming may-june..haha..what a ended up quite late as we were trying to get the updates from all of us and I can see none of us wanted to miss the was fun and hilarious!!

It's great to see great friends from high school move forward and are building up their own am I..but it's the greatest to still keep the friendship alive..hopefully, we can have more meet ups in the future no matter how big our family are going to that we can take some times to look at our innocent self 10 years back..n be thankful of how far we have shaa allah *what a joyful years*
Alhamdulillah that we are still the same person we were back then..we know how to appreciate each other.. :)

*Beautiful friendship creates amazing sparks*

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