Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekend entertainment

Entertainment?? Oh yeah baby!! Gwarhhhhh!!

The initial plan was to change the house look..since previous weekends werw not so good..the house was left untidy..poor house..so we thought this time we can use it to make up the house and make it look comfortable..but too bad the weather was sooooo nice for both sat n sunday..so again..the mess was still there.. (euwww..hate it but too lazy to move around) I gv excuses to myself that I didnt spend my time very well with hubby since I was too busy at work n I went home, exhausted..so why not spend the whole weekend with him? And I knew he was very happy lazying around with me instead of tidying the house..hahaha..

But today (yesterday actually since I am writing this at 12+ mid night..) I decided to change my hall and we both did it for only 1 hr..and I said to him 'we should do this earlier so we can change more and make the hall looks nice..' thank allah..he agreed..hehe..due to that, both my shirt n track suit covered with dust and when I was about to sit at the place where we used to lay down to watch tv..suddenly he said 'stop! U r going to make the place dusty since your track suit has dusts on it' and I was like 'whatever..I want to sit..im tired!!' And he asked me to sit somewhere else or sit properly so that I wouldnt transfer the dust to the carpet..

What the heck with him? Is he becoming me now? Hahahhaa..

Btw, here is our first invitation card addressed to us from one of our neighbours for their son's wedding..hehe..excited!!!

*cleaning up house is a gd exercise*

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